Insurance in Georgia

I am currently employed with a company that I honestly am getting tired of after seven years. I also have three businesses that my girlfriend ans i run. I have an opportunity to grow our personal entities but i obviously need health insurance.

I have looked on the Marketplace in Georgia and novo log is excluded on all plans i have seen. I am prerty sure my Omnipod and Dexcoms will meer the same fate.

Any ideas?

Can one of your businesses join a trade association or business group that offers health insurance? That is usually the best way for a small biz to get a decent group insurance plan…which hopefully would have way better coverage than the exchange plans.


I also prefer novolog, and its not on my formulary.

But I have used a cash pay card the gets me up to 3 vials per month.

@eric gets credit for posting about this offer a few years ago.


Omnipod and Dexcom are more of concern than insulon…

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Do you have a Omnipod Rep? Mine was local and pretty knowledgeable about the exchanges, best plans and bugging my endo for a peer to peer review. Not sure if that is the norm?

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