Insulin test

i keep hearing that measuring insulin with an insulin test is predictive of heart disease. has anyone had an insulin test? are they considered accurate? i usually hear about insulin tests in regards to identifying insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia. but i believe i produce insufficient amounts of insulin to handle a high carb load, and that is why i can have high blood sugar of 200 plus. is an insulin test the same as testing fasting insulin- they are referring to the same thing?

So I apologize in advance if I don’t understand your answer correctly to give a decent answer.

1 - insulin resistance is thought to lead to heart disease through an unidentified pathway.
2 - Being diagnosed with diabetes leads to an increase in heart disease rate.
3 - Having metabolic syndrome leads to an increase in heart disease rate.

So, the typical Type 2 diabetic has 2/3 or all three of these items mentioned above, which isn’t great.

I am unaware of any insulin testing that would go farther than the above three items for making your risk of heart disease worse.