At-risk test

Great news for me. I just took the at-risk test for Type 2 Diabetes, and I am at low risk for getting Type 2.

So I feel better about that now.


I just wish the Tud moderators were here to insist that only your destiny would dictate your T2 risk profile, nothing to do with your lifelong commitment to physical fitness or any other factor that you had any influence with

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I think some of the questions on the test might offend a few of them.

lol I’m sure. I wonder how many cases of t2 they’ve actually caused with their perpetual rhetoric of how unpreventable T2 is… hell, why even try, why eat right, why be active and fit… you’re going to get diabetes anyway-- Because I have it. And if I have it, it’s unpreventable and unavoidable.

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There was one question that asked “do you have a mother, father, or any brothers or sisters that are diabetic?”. Since it didn’t ask if I was, my answer was no, and it didn’t raise my risk score.

Crap. I was low risk for T2 too. And I still got it. Now I know it’s unavoidable. :cheeky:

And after I got it, it made me gain all this weight and have a sedentary lifestyle

Dang you have both of them? That sucks!

My endo just put me back on metformin _and_an SGLT-2 inhibitor. I take more t2 meds than some t2’s.

The mere suggestion that lifestyle has anything to do with the development of T2 makes some people over there go ballistic. Rational discussions about the causes of T2 are impossible.

And if you attempt them more than once they’ll find an excuse to ban you.

That’s something that sets this forum apart. We are interested in exploring these problems in a meaningful way, without passing judgement on the people afflicted by these conditions. We are interested in progress. We are interested in solutions and better ideas of how to turn the tide of the ever increasing diabetes prevalence rates in this country. We are not interested in constantly reassuring each other that our health conditions are not our fault. We are interested instead in conquering them and helping others to do the same.