Type 2 diabetes: Insulin production more of a problem than insulin resistance?

I was quite surprised by several quotes I found in the article by Ginger Vieira on intestinal mucous membrane resurfacing. I am reposting the link here:

“Contrary to common perception of type 2 diabetes, they’ve found that low insulin production is a major factor for most people with type 2 diabetes, not insulin resistance,” explained Gretchen Becker, medical journalist and author of “The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes.”

Becker told Healthline that most patients with type 2 diabetes have varying degrees of insulin resistance, but so do people who don’t have diabetes.

“Most genes related to type 2 diabetes concern insulin production, not insulin resistance,” Becker said.

Has anyone read primary research on this?

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For me it’s definitely insulin resistance. I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome in my 40’s, which eventually morphed into type 2 now that I’m in my 60’s. A weekly self-administered injection of Trulicity has been effective for me. A1C went down to 5.3 after peaking at 9.8.