Insulin fueled hunger

What is insulin fueled hunger? I have “heard” about it.


For my son, when insulin drives him low, he can eat the whole refrigerator. I would call that insulin fueled hunger.


Here is a personal example!


Ok - I get treating the lows and understand completely!

I somehow get the impression that the-more-we-use-insulin-the-more-we-eat-and-the-more-insulin-we- use and then we become fat. <- This is the reason that some people ‘advocate’ LCHF. The insulin fueled hunger is something separate from treating lows.

This sounds to me more like a thought process leading to disordered eating more than a good rule of thumb. Because if I eat 2000 calories of carbs I will need more insulin than 2000 calories of meat and vegetables, but in the end I only ate 2000 calories in both cases despite the need for more insulin with the all carb case.


I think that I recall reading about it as it relates to insulin resistance. Some folks theorized that some people may become insulin resistant as they eat more-use-more-insulin-and become fat. Maybe it’s more applicable to Type 2’s than Type1’s?

It certainly could be. I have heard it before, I just perhaps didn’t understand what they were trying to say. Certainly in Type 2 people have a threshold where they can eat a certain number of carbs before they need to add insulin. And insulin resistance is a devilish problem for many type 2’s and some Type 1’s.

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