Hi all …
Does anyone use the InPen ?
I’m just curious of the Benefits, or cons
Please let me know your opinion


Maggie I think there were some member(s) that have used the InPen, hopefully they post their reactions.


Some of the advantages would be if you wanted to track your IOB like a pump does. It integrates with an app on your phone and gives you dosing history like a pump.

It can have settings in the app to remind your to check your BG if you want.

The app can also integrate with your CGM and suggest how much insulin you should take, stuff like that. Tell you the insulin in your pen is getting old. Other things like that.

It can give you a full history of all your insulin dosing to look at in the app.

The pens can only do increments of 1/2 unit, so you don’t get the same small granularity of dosing that you can get with a pump.

The pen does not automatically record basal (but you can manually enter your basal into the app, so you can still look at that if you wish).

The pen only lasts one year.

The company that makes it (Companion Medical) was recently bought by Medtronic. That can’t be good.

And - just my personal feeling - I don’t really need an app telling me to eat carbs if I am low. People know by now that if they are low they should eat carbs. :roll_eyes:




If you like diabetes apps and dosing advice and logging and stuff like that, it might be good to look at.

This is a helpful informational page:


I’ve been considering it, as someone already on MDI, mostly for easy logging/tracking of my bolus dosing. I would probably not use dose calculator features and would want to see if I could turn off as many “suggestions” as possible. Half-unit increments may also be a step up in granularity for someone used to typical insulin pens.