In the past 36 hours

I’ve had two site changes, a cartridge change, a sensor change, two occlusion alarms, and at least 25 other alarms (including lots of CGM alarms stating that my BG is going all over the place). And one of those alarms is low battery, so I’ll be doing a battery change this afternoon.

So no, the pump is not “convenient” and does not make life with diabetes easier.

But it is really helpful for those of us who need it, such as raising my basal rates by 12 units over the past three days. :slight_smile:


This bastard disease really knows how to kick you when you are down, doesn’t it. Sorry, that sounds like a pretty awful 36 hours, with more to come.

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Well, my pump is risking its life, because it’s darn lucky I haven’t tossed it across the room yet! (When I felt like doing that, I made this post instead.)

I mean, I don’t mind alarms too much, but when three of them come within a minute of one another, it gets really irritating.


So glad you posted here instead of killing your pump (that would have been an expensive solution)!

I really hope the next 36 hours are nearly alarm free.

Nope. I’ve received four more alarms in the four hours since posting this. Sigh…

I think having a new sensor and BG that is all over the place are not helping. Just had a nap and woke up to a 19.8 mmol/L.

Hopefully it will settle down enough that when I got to my parents’ place tomorrow for Christmas it won’t be going off constantly!

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Must be something in the air! I hope things get better for you soon! Oh, and as an aside, with the ‘battery’ issue…make sure you do NOT change it mid-session. :slight_smile: We changed our batteries once with pump installed and when we tried to turn it back on, we received an error. Even though the internal battery is supposed to remember temporary data, it appears we lost all the data and had to wait 2 hours to start using it again. Best to change batteries (at least in the Omnipod PDM) between change-outs to not risk even more errors and alarms.

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Hmmm, I didn’t even think of that. I just started a new sensor two days ago, and I’m sure the battery won’t last another five days, so I’ll probably have to change it mis-session. This is the first time I’ve used the CGM with the pump rather than a separate receiver, so I didn’t even think of that.

Well, yesterday I hit the maximum insulin delivery in 24 hours on my pump (100 units) and had to increase it to do more corrections… But I finally woke up this morning in range. Here’s hoping I stay there!


I was wondering if you were playing Christmas music and your pump was trying to sing along. Maybe adding some beeps or blips to the Mannheim Streamroller album?

I’m sorry about the last couple days. That a bummer and I am sending good thoughts for improvement.

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