I'm so happy! +other health updates

This post can serve as an upgrade to my fun times of health bs+ medicaid.

My a1c is back down to 5.5%! After being around 6% for the last 2 tests! I’m so happy because that’s where I prefer being and I feel healthier in the 5% range for sure. I also lost a few pounds, I’m down from 163 to 158 lbs :smiley: .

So far the goofy thing I’ve dealt with is it turns out my possible EPI…is just lactose intolerance+anxiety having a party and making me have gas and diarrhea …like further testing has proven that. SO my fiance and I now need a stock in lactaid because I take it now lol. It doesn’t feel like a perfect explanation but with testing that seems to be a thing? Some degree of fat intolerance related to my pancreas troubles isn’t totally ruled out either but it’s…not that bad. The enzymes made it worse though so that was a fun time :frowning: . Only enzyme my body needs help with is Lactase apparently. So I’m at the point of buying my fiance a 60 pack of store brand lactaid equivalent and one for me too , rip money.

So to help the anxiety I’m starting 20mg Prozac (well , the generic). Hopefully this doesn’t screw with my diabetes (or work, since I’m taking it at 10pm with my lantus) . So far the internet suggests it could go either way and I’m only one dose in. I have had anxiety since I was a kid. Did see a psychologist and have xanax for once in a while use a few years ago, but then life got good again…only to get bad again…now it’s good again but my anxiety is back full force because ??? so this is something I’m trying. I figure, if it sucks, I’ll go back to the once in a while as needed xanax and seeing a psychologist as that helped before …just worry it won’t help every time.