@TomH, didn’t you used to use DIY Loop on iPhone? Are you using iAPS/Trio just to compare the two or do you consider Trio to be more able to keep your BGs in TiR? I am using DIY Loop. I perused the Overview — Trio 0.0.1 documentation docs. It appears to be similar to AndroidAPS except it runs on iPhone vs Android. I’m happy with Loop. My main issues are related to Dexcom and the long warmup period of G6. Of course, I monitor my BGs very closely so Loop is not hands off for me at all. Is Trio supposed to provide more hands off control?


@Trying Yes, I was on Loop-dev but decided to give iAPS a try. I like options and seek better results, plus I’m a nerd that likes to be not on but close to the “bleeding edge.” The Loopand Learn sessions (available on Youtube) with Magnus Reintz and Theresa Hastings got me interested, along with what I read on FB. I gave due consideration to the opinion differences of the primary developer and the “more knowledgeable” folk on development, testing, and version release and went with v2.3.3, vice the latest 4.0 release. I’m following Trio’s development/release, supposedly very close to iAPS v2.3.3. I may switch to Trio depending on the reports it receives, demonstrated developer performance, the Trio FB and Discord sites, documentation development (a definite weak spot of iAPS), User Interface changes (iAPS UI is rough). I have not abandoned Loop, just trying what else is out there that fits my devices and performs well.

My understanding is AndroidAPS is based on OpenAPS which uses the oref(0) and (1) algorithms, the same roots that iAPS has converted for iPhone use. Ref your “hands off” comment: Some iAPS users (e.g. Theresa Hastings) claim to be about as hands off as current tech allows: no pre-bolusing; no announcing of meals (using the UAM SMB settings); staying in range, relatively flat (BG varying 20-50 pts with return to goal within an hour). I still announce meals, most often bolus (though minimal pre-bolusing) and have a much flatter pattern than I had with Loop; but that flatness may be due to many more settings of iAPS, addition of FPU accounting, and me stumbling on to the ones that work relatively well for me. It depends a lot on much effort people have and are willing to put into the effort.


@ TomH haha-hehe he said Nerd :grin:

I see in your profile you are using the Dexcom G6 wondering if G7 is an easy swap in iAPS? It was very easy in Loop. I loved being able to go back & forth as I had supplies.

I really want as Tidepool is headed to have an Interoperable system where the more the manufacturers permit the use the end user can have better choices. Economically speaking the more competition the lower the price. Now that’s a good thing.

Lot of mentions on this site for Dexcom. I personally am not married to them. For me it’s a Love/Hate relationship. I really like Bioling another company from San Diego. I liked Eversense but dismissed them for personal reasons. PM me if you would like to know why. I found Healthline that lists 39 potential CGMs. I need to check that out further.

All in all I need to get back on an Automated system. Since I stopped Looping I have put on 10 pds all from lows & lots of fast acting cards. MDI & relearning to deal with DP & other adjustments the Loop took care of is just wearing me out. MDI hasn’t been all bad I have learned or relearned a lot so when I start pumping again it’s going to be better.

Cheers :smiley:


@SobeiT For both iAPS and Trio (I built it last night, but waiting beta test feedback supposedly 2-3 weeks…we’ll see) the CGM setup is a simple menu choice. Instead of selecting “Dexcom G6,” you select “Dexcom G7” and (I believe) enter the code for the device so it can look for/pair to it. Selections on both iAPS and Trio include Nightscout, xDrip4iOS, Dexcom G5-G6-G7, Glucose Simulator, Libre (not sure which ones, but believe both 2 and 3 with 2 requiring some coding to limit connection to every 5 mins, vice 1 min), Glucose Direct, and Medtronic.

I understand Eversense is going to allow iCGM connection in the foreseeable future, it’s a matter of which ones. I think I read they’re in discussion with [EDITTED: strike Dexcom, enter Tandem]. I’m not familiar with Bioling, will have to look them up. I haven’t experienced the “gaining weight thing” but understand it’s usually due to eating “empty” carbs…attributable to lows, but could just be eating anxiety. Hang in there and do what’s best and works for you!


Thank you @TomH this is some great information.

When I was checking out Eversense again I did notice Receives iCGM Designation

Edit: For Bioling I can’t find were I originally read about it but from memory it’s smaller & much shallower. According to the link it’s 20 time more shallow. I had read that it was much less expensive to produce. I am signing up to get notices.

Cheers :smiley:


Oh it’s the lows

Thanks, @TomH, for you indepth and thoughtful response. I always value your posts! I wonder how “hands off” works with exercise. Even now I struggle from going low due to exercise even just walking. It isn’t a huge problem though because I monitor closely and I bounce back quickly with just a sip of juice. But it definitely isn’t hands off!!! :upside_down_face:


@TomH I have been looking at Trio there are some pretty amazing features. If I could ride on your coat tails is there only a Mac build or like Loop do they have a Browser build for Trio or any iAPS builds. Sorry eyes are getting pretty tired. Guess that is a bit of a concern for future builds. Eyes may prohibit me from doing the builds & not sure when that time comes if I would ask my able wife for help or better to consider a commercial release. Any way thanks in advance for your help.

Cheers :smiley:

Edit for Errr my Bad

The iAPS app can be built with two methods:

Although @TomH you really do have some nice coat tails :grin:


Yes, you can just clone/fork the whole tree from the Trio github site, then build it on your Mac in XCode. It supports the Browser build, too. I use the Browser build now for DIY Loop and it is so convenient.


@SobeiT There are instructions for both building Trio by Xcode and GitHub Browser Build. If you look at the “iAPS (soon to be Trio)” FB group, you’ll see several people comment that unless you’re up for Beta testing you should wait for release of the main version; I fully support that recommendation. I’ve used the browser build, but not Xcode, and have resident on my iPhone but have not switched to it as yet.

Browser build is a bit tedious the first time (longer, more involved), but after that it takes like 2 or 3 clicks to rebuild via GitHub. It is imminently doable by a non-techy, but you need to follow the instructions carefully and completely…i.e. don’t interpret/just do after completely reading the instructions (all of them).

Your first step needs to be READ the docs: What is Trio? — Trio 0.0.1 documentation

Read the entire set and gain an appreciation for the complexity of setup. There are many configurable components, some you’ll use, some you wont, some you’ll turn on after a while, and several will require testing and adjustment. It may require some reading of Loop, iAPS, and OpenAPS docs as well as the docs aren’t fully independent as yet and you need to gain a complete understanding. Eventually, I believe the dev’s will fill out the docs better…i.e. the baby has been born, the effort is in its infancy, but its further along because of its heritage.

I also recommend looking at: Trio/fastlane/testflight.md at dev · nightscout/Trio · GitHub if you’re interested in “browser build”. There are a couple of steps I had trouble with, but I didn’t document them, so am relying on memory. I had to retrace steps on adding identifiers, the App Group, and Bundle Identifiers because of additional steps due to previous Xcode builds of Loop/iAPS. The steps were there, but I missed a couple of them. My advice, read thru the instructions completely, THEN do so again, THEN follow them carefully. If you’re starting fresh (i.e. haven’t built Loop, iAPS, or other GitHub browser build), it should actually be easier, more direct, than having built already and having to cut/paste from one build (Loop/iAPS to Trio) to the other in GitHub.

If you run into trouble, I can try to help you through, but I make no claim of expertise. I hold others like Carol Vachon…a main contributor for Loop, iAPS, and Trio on the 3 FB groups…in much higher regard. Carol’s stated to on FB she’ll help new folks through any problems IF they’ll wait until the Main version gets published (should be in the next 1-3 weeks, no guarantees). So, there’s plenty of support, but the wise move is to hold off until the Main version gets released. That said, we can be an eager group with little inhibition against perceived progress….me included…


Thank you! I had just found the info & edited my post. Just spending a bit too much time on the computer. I ran & checked that I have a month worth of dash pods & going to check if my Novolog Vials Script is still good & then try Apple Pay for my programmers license. :smile:

Thank you very much! yes I would want to stay on the main branch too much reading ATM need take a little rest & then come back to this.

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I think I will wait for the main versions release. It does seem more complex then Loop so I can get Loop back up pretty quickly, been there done that… That way I can be Looping with what I know while learning Trio. Thanks for your help.


Thank you for your help also. It’s great to be on a site where people really care about helping each other.

Latest from Facebook? Not positive I am kinda Facebook challenged :joy:


tpdonseroSu02hiah 1gl55 6aP17 62213yt 17308:311mh0gtM0tla9Mu ·

Hello everyone,

We have our next update for you: we’re introducing the new Trio app!

Numerous volunteers came together with the goal of creating a stable and well-tested version of the Oref algorithm on the iOS platform. It has taken months of dedication, and we would now be honored to have members of the DIY community help us reach the finish line by beta testing Trio.

The name is inspired by several joint efforts:

  • Algorithm/CGM/Pump: the three components that make up your DIY loop

  • Basal/CR/ISF: the three main settings that, when tuned, treat your TxD

  • Carbs/Fat/Protein: the three main food components that impact your blood glucose

  • FAX/iAPS/Trio: the three stages of Oref/APS leading to the birth of Trio

  • In true DIY fashion, make the Trio definition individualized to you 🙂

What to expect from Trio Dev 0.1.0: Trio is hosted by the Nightscout GitHub organization. A team of project managers and developers has been established to ensure all code is always open-source & peer-reviewed. The first version of Trio will look very similar to iAPS v2.3.3, but there has been a myriad of background work from developers to update the infrastructure of the app, add several safety mechanisms, fix bugs, and add a few new features.

As of today, we can no longer support any iAPS version above 2.3.3. All our future work will be dedicated to the development of Trio. We encourage super-users to join the beta test of Trio. The rest of us should wait until the beta test is concluded and then move from iAPS to Trio.

Are you a super-user ready to become a Trio beta tester? Here are the criteria we are looking for:

  1. You have a decent understanding of how to build Trio and will not be requiring help building the app. Instructions are available and the build process is similar to iAPS and Loop.

  2. You are able to share your logs in our new Discord server or create an “issue” in GitHub if you encounter errors.

  3. You understand that you are using an unreleased version of Trio.

  4. If you choose to use the beta version for live insulin delivery, you understand that it should not be used on a child unable to perform the necessary troubleshooting should a bug be detected.

We have been doing closed alpha testing for a while. For those who do not want to beta test, we hope to release Trio v1.0 in a few weeks, pending only minor errors and updates from the beta testers. This is always subject to change, as we cannot set a hard deadline for testing and volunteers. We welcome the community to follow along on the development on GitHub to stay updated on the progress. Once this initial beta testing has been completed, we will announce a main branch for all loopers to access.

If you aren’t already a member of the Trio Discord Server (Discord), you can join using the provided link. This server was previously called “Old iAPS”, so if you’ve been a part of this community for a while, you might already be on the server.

On the Discord server, you will land on a welcome page for beta testers to guide you on where to go. We kindly request that the channel be used only for beta testing conversations at this time. After beta testing, the server will be fully set up for all topics. Please keep all talk about the Trio beta to the Discord channel, as this Facebook group is focused on supporting iAPS 2.3.3 users until Trio has been released.

Thank you!

The Trio Team