I get so angry


Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the “stuff” that comes along with being diabetic. Also heart problems,all the pills for that,the shot of insulin. But then I realize how blessed I am with a patient loving family. Some people don’t have that. Thanks for the forum to vent.


I can relate! Some days things work smoothly but… others I just want to hit the restart button. :pensive: This forum is real reminder that we all have our own issues we deal with but we are not alone in this!! :hibiscus:


I think we are all there some of the time! I am sorry that you are going through a rough passage right now :broken_heart:

My husband gets really angry sometimes about diabetes (we have a T1D child). It is hard for anyone not to go through rough patches: diabetes is just a hard disease! Are you able to talk to your wife when you get frustrated?

What you are writing rings such a bell here! I have been thinking a lot of poor Shane Boyle, ever since I read his story. The poor man had no family to help, and must have been too proud to ask his friends. I tear up anytime I think of him.

I don’t post much, but I read everything :slight_smile: This forum is a WONDERFUL thing in our lives!


Thank you. The Shane story was heartbreaking and unnecessary. I have a very understanding husband who endures my whining. Its only been 2 months since my diagnoses so I’m still kinda shellshocked. Hope your child is doing well.


@Shelby, I feel you! Some days I feel like my jaw will never unclench and I just am so sick of all the roller coaster, the restrictions, and the worry.
Hang in there!


Hi, @Shelby, and welcome! Members here are always available to answer questions and offer support!


:: hugs :: You always have an extended family here.


This is NOT whining! You just got diagnosed with a tough disease – the best thing to do is to let your feelings out with the person who is closest to you! You are doing the right thing. I am so glad you have a husband who is ready to listen. Sometimes it is really hard to hear what some people who don’t have anyone they can talk to endure. This is not an easy disease to live by day to day.

When my boy was diagnosed, I spent the first 3 months moping and angry. But it gets better. First, I got so much info from the forum that I never could get from our doctors. But, mostly it was incredible to be able to talk to so many people who had been there before us. As time goes on, it has become much easier, both emotionally and in terms of treatment.

I have also found tremendous psychological relief in engaging in work that benefits the whole diabetes community: being able to DO something in that way has made a big difference.

Hang tight – it will get better!


Hang in there Shelby. It gets better, and don’t feel bad about whining. This disease in all of it’s form is a b*%$. At 2 months we were barely functional with diabetes, way behind you. Sending good thoughts your way.


Welcome Shelby. With it only being 2 months since your diagnosis, you are entitled to all the feelings you are experiencing. This is a tough disease to deal with for everyone, the affected as well as the family. I just “celebrated” my four year “diaversary”. My diagnosis was a complete shock. I felt like my body was betraying me, that it was my “fault”, and I was quite depressed. Then I found online communities that understood all of this. It is great to have people who can relate and share their tips and experiences. Glad you found us. I wish you all the best.


Hang in there @Shelby. It really does help to count your blessings :grinning:


Since I had no idea what “the Shane story” meant I had to look it up. I can’t believe in this day and age people die from lack of insulin. It’s just so sad and unacceptable.


Hi Shelby. I was diagnosed over a year ago. This does not really hold you back as much as you first think. Remember that you can still do anything that you could do before. I get it too - sometimes it is frustrating, like during a party when I am super high and I can’t eat anything. Everyone has a weakness, this is no different.


Kaelan,thanks. And you’re right everyone has their 'stuff". I guess we all have our good days and bad days,trite but true. Hopefully more good than bad. But sometimes…:worried:


@Shelby, in the beginning it’s so overwhelming. The amount of time you spend thinking, predicting, and planning is just mind-boggling. When you forget something it feels like the end of the world. Lows feel all-consuming. Highs feel never-ending. And the sheer volume of stuff you have to carry with you is just ridiculous. Not to mention all the worries that invade your thoughts at all hours of the day, thinking about the future and the what-ifs.

I don’t have any fabulous advice for how to get through that tough time, as we just gritted it out, suffered a bunch and then somehow managed to make it to the other side in one piece.

But I did want to say that somehow, gradually, little by little, things get easier and easier until stuff that occupied your brain for 30 minutes or an hour hardly merits your attention for more than a minute or two. You get better at planning ahead, reacting on the fly, and doing things almost by habit. All the “stuff” is still there, but somehow it shrinks and shrinks until it seems like such a small part of your day. It just takes time for our brains and bodies to adjust to the new reality. Hang in there!!