I finally turned pro this past weekend

Hi everybody. I wanted to share this…

I have run a lot of races. Every once-in-a-while I might win something, like a medal or a plaque. Sometimes I have won things like athletic bags or drinking glasses. One time I won a gift certificate to a sporting goods store, which was a nice prize. And sometimes after a race, the only thing I “got” was mad at myself for not doing well.

But despite my many years of doing this, I have never won any money. Until this past weekend.

I really wanted to do this, and for one ridiculous reason. Even if I never win anything again, I have lost my amateur status. I am now a professional. I am no longer eligible to compete in NCAA Division I, NJCAA, or NAIA athletics.

Every time you go to the doctor’s office, they ask you to fill out their form. And there is always a place on there to list “Occupation”. From now on, I will put “professional endurance athlete” on that form.

How much time do you want to spend talking about my blood sugar now, Doctor? :grinning:

I had a couple of takeaways from this…

First of all, I have heard a lot of things throughout the years that have motivated me. I have been motivated by all the times I heard “you can”. But I have also been motivated by all the times I heard “you can’t”.

I realized that it’s possible to be motivated by anything I hear. Which is great, because I know that I do not need to hear anything one way or the other. Go ahead and tell me I can. Or go ahead and tell me I can’t. Either way works fine.

And the other thing I got from this weekend was that it hurt really bad toward the end of the race, but there were a few angels I know from FUD that I tucked into my heart for the race. I appreciated how they kept me going. Thank you little ones! I brought you with me! :heart:

Here is the note I had on my treadmill while getting ready for this. It didn’t say much, but it said enough.

I may never be the fastest, or the best athlete. But I will keep working at it, so that some day I will be the oldest.


Wow, so awesome! Congratulations!


Gratz Pro!


Wow, congratulations!!! I knew you could do this though after the challenge and your success last year with the Parent Project!!! So touching, and endearing, too, as is your Pro status!!! No undoing, just go forth!!! :medal_sports: :running_man: :star_struck:


First off, a HUGE congratulations for your remarkable victory. I know how much you put into this. Wow! Every time you achieve something this awesome, I think, well, there’s not much better than that! But there you go again…and you top the last win! You’re our FUD athlete super star.

But tell me, when are you going to put a picture of me on the treadmill? :rofl:


You are a gem, @Eric!

And I love how you’re already planning on using this to manage your doctors in the future. :blush:


Sounds like your buying first round of beers…lol…



Am I allowed to share your winning time? It was RIDICULOUS

And for context, everyone - Eric had to deal with a few nagging injuries so was held back on a lot of his training. His ability to push past injuries and also crush the time with less than ideal (in his mind) training just shows straight up RESILIENCE.

So happy for you!! :partying_face: :boom: :star:


what exactly are these CAPITAL abbreviations standing for? just very curious. Sounds so histrionic and exclusive.


Congrats Eric, not sure which race you went pro in, but I am willing to bet it was epic!


I don’t know if you remember this, but I mentioned to you that I have a meter with your name on it:

I sometimes write something on my pod for a race. Sometimes it is a name, sometimes it is a motivational phrase. This time it was:

But I promise you, if I ever run the NYC Marathon, your name will be on my pod. :grinning:

These are some of the various groups that organize and regulate college athletics. :open_mouth:

NCAA = National Collegiate Athletic Association
NJCAA = National Junior College Athletic Association
NAIA = National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


Thanks Doc L, I appreciate your kind words!

The time is not really important. But it was a fun discussion the other night when we talked about my RPE for running versus coaching. I think I can give you some of the credit for making me more resilient! :grinning:


Wow! Congrats! That is so fantabulous!:star_struck::tada: You may not realize how inspirational that is to the rest of us FUDers. But, it truly is! Something I can put in the back of my brain and draw on when things get tough!


Congratulations!! And thank you for being such an inspiration.


One thing to consider. When you reach the age of 70 is seems your times are much faster. Or is it the fact that the winning time is longer, ha. At least that is what I have observed.


This is AWESOME and AMAZING and seriously THRILLING! I am so happy for you and proud of you and most of all INSPIRED by you! Thank you for sharing and biggest congratulations! Jessica


Thanks very much Jessica! FUD inspires me. :grinning:

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Keep on rockin it @Eric!!