How to use the Freestyle Libre anywhere, without a reader


Here is some information. The freestyle libre reader from Europe doesn’t compatible with sensors from USA. But you can start sensor with an application Glimp S.


Hello, yesterday I read in the Glimp website about some phones ‘breaking’ sensors and rendering them useless.

Now you can find the list of OK and ‘May break sensor’ phones in the App by going into Options-Info-Listo of compatible devices.

Hope this helps too


Do you mean in the Glimp app itself?


yes, sorry I misspelled Glimp.

The NFC feature could potentially ‘damage’ the sensor, not the app itself but the NFC read feature


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You can mix and match readers and sensors from any country.

Is this confirmed? I’ve recently moved from Spain to the Netherlands and Abbot’s Customer Service tells me I’ll need to buy a new reader to read Dutch sensors (since I’ll be buying sensors from the Dutch store now).

I’d rather not buy an extra reader if I can help it :sweat_smile:


That was part of the original pitch, but my understanding is that, when Abbot actually rolled out, they took away that feature :frowning: So currently I believe this is not true.


Thanks Michel. Yes, I can confirm that at least in this case they’re not compatible. The reason they give me is that sensors have certain settings (such as blood glucose units, in Spain we use mg/dl, in the Netherlands they use mmol/l) that need to match those on the reader.

Since those settings are not configurable in either sensor or reader, you can’t use pairs from different countries together.

I bet having that configuration on readers wouldn’t be all that hard, but that’s how it is right now. I already have two readers and I need to buy a third :pensive:


That is really a pain, so sorry about that :frowning:

I think another reason is that this way they control the grey market better. For instance, it is much cheaper to buy sensors in India right now. But you will need an Indian reader for that…


Can I start libre PRO sensor with glimp s app

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as far as I know, no, all sensors sould be started with the Freestyle Libre reader, then you can setup the glimp or other app and forget about the official reader until you need to start the next new sensor

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