How often should I get a new glucometer? Mine is at least 7 years old. I have a G6, but still test

It seems to still be working, bit the LCD is damaged. How often does everyone else replace theirs?


When something better comes out.


Meters are relatively cheap, so for something like a damaged screen I’d replace it.

My experience with meters (over the last 35 years :grinning:) is that they usually don’t go “bad”. Maybe occasionally.

But generally it will “wear out” instead of giving bad numbers.

Sometimes the internals of the meter can get crap inside, from inserting strips a thousand times.

I’ve had some last many years. Like 5-6 years. Considering how many tests I do, that’s pretty incredible.

What type of meter are you using?


Okay thanks y’all. It’s a FreeStyle Freedom Lite.


Those are the ones that have lasted 5-6 years for me. They are solid!


I grab a new one every 6 months to a year. The meters are given away free in Canada :canada: with a 200 strip purchase.

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I replace my contour next meter every couple years or so, just to forestall any drift in accuracy. I don’t actually know that the meter will become inaccurate over time, but I don’t see why it fundamentally can’t, and a new meter only costs about $10.

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Hi Jim. How much do 200 test strips cost in Canada?

@JW_dx2002 Two boxes of Contour Next strips (200 strips) cost me about $78 CA ($59 US)

Keep in mind many Canadian diabetics self fund their testing supplies (strips, CGM sensors and transmitters). The province I’m in does partially fund test strips if you’re on the provincial pump program, but they’ll only cover the cost of about 40% of total during a full year.

Even though I wear a Dexcom G5, I test 5-6 times a day.

Other Canadians may have different plans, either due to the different provincial programs and or private health insurance.

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