How do you treat a low at night?

Normally for a nighttime low, I give 1/2 cup Apple Juice (14 carbs) and put an 85% temp basal (15% reduction). My thought being the juice will bump the low back up to a better number and the temp basal will prevent a subsequent low. I set my phone alarm for 30 minutes (sometimes I stay awake sometimes I just go to sleep) and check in 30 minutes (either Dexcom if I think the numbers are being accurate and I believe them or fingerstick if I have doubts). Typically this is all very straight forward with no issues.

(My T1 stays sleeping the entire time.)

Occasionally, on the 30 minute check, things are not where I expect. That pretty much means something is going on of which I don’t understand but chances are it is going to be a tough night. Thankfully this does not happen very often.

Since we did an overall basal reduction a couple weeks back, our nighttime numbers have been amazing. I am certainly hoping this continues and proves out to be a good adjustment that does not simply revert back and need to be undone.

[EDIT] Split from Unexpected night low


By the way, I find liquid pure dextrose to be the fastest way to bring up a bad low. I had a low of 2.3 mmol/L or 41 mg/dl at work today, which usually isn’t too bad, but my vision was starting to go all wonky and I was in the middle of a meeting. I excused myself and used a Dex4 liquid glucose shot to ingest 15 grams of carbs essentially instantly. The carbs didn’t kick in instantly, but it was certainly a much faster turnaround than chewing four glucose tablets! (After I had that bad low downtown several months ago where I thought I’d pass out, and another one a few weeks ago where I nearly collapsed while getting off the bus, I decided to keep a liquid glucose shot on hand for occasions when my vision starts to go wonky, because that means I’m pretty close to things getting much worse.)

These glucose shots are kind of expensive (something like $4 each), so I’ve decided to keep the bottle and buy pure powdered dextrose and dissolve the desired amount in some water (possibly with some Kool-Aid flavour added). I think this will be substantially cheaper.


What’s interesting to me is that they are all out of stock online. Target and CVS used to carry them, but they are no longer available online. I wonder if there’s a supply chain issue that’s driving up the price?

Thanks for sharing about this product! Sounds useful.

And I would agree, stubborn lows are a thing here sometimes too. What worked yesterday doesn’t always work today.

I will hope everyone has fewer of them! And I am glad for the Dex too. EH recently got the G5 and an Apple Watch and it’s helping to have the number right there on his arm. :slight_smile: He’s not always able to check his phone and the alerts are not always set up right yet.

Glad you got it solved @Michel the other night.

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I heard a rumour that Dex4 glucose tablets are discontinued (in the US, at least, I don’t know about Canada—I hope not, because we don’t have any other brands!). But I thought this didn’t apply to other products like the gels or liquids.

Amazon has them. But I agree with Jen, they look expensive.
These are listed as a six pack of 2-ounce bottles for $32.30. ($5.38 per 15-carb bottle).

I will stick with our Apple Juice. About 10 cents for the same amount of carbs. BG rise seems fast enough for me.


@Jen, if Walmart is close by, they have Dextrose shots for $1.48/ea in the pharmacy area in 4 different flavors. 16g carbs/bottle. I buy 20-30 at a time.


Is this available in Canada? I’ve only ever seen the Relion brand in the States.

I just looked at the website. I had no idea that Relion was a US only brand. I am happy to send you as many as you would like if wanted, Post is relatively cheap.

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I can’t, happily, find any evidence of this. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in pharmacies, try running or biking stores. I’ve found they usually have a stock of various glucose/quick-energy products, sometimes outrageously priced, sometimes not.


For night time we use juice, apple or OJ.for my almost 14 yo.
If I’m especially lazy I buy Juicy Juice boxes sized for little kids because they are exactly 15 gm and have the straw right there so I don’t have to stop by the fridge…or can leave on his bedside table. Theyre pretty cheap $2.25 or so for 8. He can pretty much suck down from straw without waking up.

There is the occasional malfunction in which he tries to grab box and squeezes…uggggghhh.

If he’s been fasting a few hours already or is post sports I also do a basal reduction of 10-15% til morning, otherwise I find I’m treating it again the next hour.

He hates chewing at night and will fall alseep or forget what he’s doing mid chew!!!

We do tabs for daytime, favorite is true plus orange. Only because his goofy friends eat anything more tempting in his bag and I can’t supply a whole middle school with jelly beans.


Dollar Store carries these in our town. EH prefers them because they’re smaller than the Costco ones or the Trader Joe’s ones.

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Yerp. I remember that. I would have to check to make sure the tab was actually chewed and swallowed.

Probably hard to believe if you haven’t seen it happen yourself.

Juice is easier.