How do you fill a pump from a pen cartridge?

Is it easy to fill from the pen cartriges? I don’t have any currently so I don’t even remember if they have the “rubber seal” area to penetrate needles through, like with vials? Any images anyone has would be great. Erin and I discussed this and it makes sense to use this method to always ensure we have means of giving Liam insulin in the event of this type of failure.

I just stick the syringe in the cartridge and use a pencil to push the rubber stopper down. I fill a little but of insulin into the syringe, pull the syringe out of the cartridge, squirt out the air bubble, put the syringe back in the cartridge and continue filling the syringe without the hassle of bubbles.

It works like a charm.


Sounds like a great wiki, video or pictorial tutorial is in order!


I will do a pod change tonight so I will take a video…


Not sure what that description is referring to, but if you want to fill a pod with a pen, it’s very easy. Just put a needle on the pen, and inject the insulin from the pen straight into the pod.

You don’t have to use the syringe that comes with the pod.

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But how much would constitute the “minimum” to activate a POD?

85 units.

But you don’t need to pull the pen out. Just dial up the max, inject, dial it back up with the pen still in there.

Or you can pull the pen out, dial it up, and reinsert it.

It does not matter to the pod. I use a different syringe and do it with two injections.

Promise you the pod does not know or care how many times you put a needle or syringe in there! :wink:

Once you start priming, then you can’t add more. But before priming, you can re-inject again and add more.


Never though of that :blush: and have just done what the POD trainer taught me…

Will give that a go next time.

Thanks! This is great. We will be doing this.

Also, thanks to everyone else for their comments.

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