House full of Covid

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. We’ve tried our best since March 2020 to stay isolated, but apparently what little bit my wife and I decided recently to “open up” (date night, once per month) was too much. Currently everyone in our house has Covid, or suspected of having Covid. Liam and I both tested ourselves twice each and are both positive and everyone else has the same symptoms so we’re running with the belief that everyone has it.

Everyone EXCEPT our youngest (who is only 3), is vaccinated so right now I’m really only worried about our youngest. Day 2 for him and so far he’s dealing OK. All our symptoms have pretty much been the same…cold-like symptoms of congestion/coughing and extreme fatigue…I’m talking being able (and wanting too) sleep for 2 days straight. Waking up and still being zapped of energy.

As far as how Liam is doing, diabetes-management wise, I turned on a 50% more insulin override and he’s riding pretty, honestly zero change with the additional insulin added. He’s experiencing the same symptoms we all are but his diabetes has not been challenging at all…knocking on wood it remains this way, only on day 2 for him.

We’re just all sleeping and doing that we need to do to get through this, but I suppose it was bound to happen eventually since Covid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I was just hoping it didn’t happen until the youngest was fully vaccinated…but I feel like the Vaccine companies / CDC have been dragging their feet for the youngest. Yes, I understand it take time to test thouroughly to ensure efficacy and all that and I understand write-ups need to be completed and submitted to the CDC before the CDC can evaluate the data…but I feel like almost 2.5 years in we should be there with all age groups by now and have shots in all arms of all people, no matter their age, if they want them.

Going back to bed now, just thought I’d send out an update for the Martin household. :slight_smile:


Hope you are all feeling better soon!


I wish you the best. Everyone in my house had COVID earlier this month. My fiance, my grandma, and I got antivirals and I think that plus being fully vaccinated and boosted lead to grandma and I being mildly symptomatic. My fiance still had it pretty bad( he’s not boosted) , and my mom didn’t get antivirals , but we all recovered within a week enough to feel better.

If any of you can get paxlovid , I’d recommend it.


I just heard a couple of things about Paxllovid:

  1. Relapsing when you go off the medication, because your body doesn’t develop enough antibodies. I heard this on the Sarah Silverman podcast but someone else who I actually know told me it was true too.

  2. Don’t take if you’re on statins.

fwiw. Admittedly this is hearsay.


We are generally a “as little medicine possible” kind of family so unless things really took a turn for the worse somehow, I don’t see ever needing or wanting to take any medicine other than motrin/tylenol. This medicine isn’t approved yet so even though it’s got emergency approval, I wouldn’t personally let my kids have it and I wouldn’t want to take it w/o knowing long term possible side-effects. Thanks for the recommendation, though!


Sorry to hear about that!

On the bright side, infections are generally less severe for those who have been vaccinated. So most of you at least have that going for you. :+1:

  • Fully vaccinated people with a vaccine breakthrough infection are less likely to develop serious illness than those who are unvaccinated and get COVID-19.
  • Even when fully vaccinated people develop symptoms, they tend to be less severe symptoms than in unvaccinated people. This means they are much less likely to be hospitalized or die than people who are not vaccinated.


And also, when this is done, you will all probably be a little bit more immune for a while.

Hang tough!



Hope the whole gang is back an their feet and feeling better soon!


Sorry to here. Hope all recovers quickly.


I’m so sorry you guys are all knocked out! It sounds pretty unpleasant

But hopefully everyone sails through and recovers quickly in the end and that this is the worst of it. And hopefully Liam’s diabetes continues to play a very minor role in the medical management. It would be great if all he felt was a tiring cold.

Our little one got covid over winter break, but no one else, so we’re still unsure what will happen when Samson eventually does. He got his booster on Tuesday so knock wood that will push it off a bit.

And I definitely feel the frustration on the little ones having no options.


I’ve been doing some “ googling “ about Paxlovid. I found that it is only some statins, also some other medications that preclude Paxlovid. I am on one of the contra-indicated statins, Simvastatin, but what I read was that even if you are on this and catch Covid, you can stop the Simvastatin for a day or two and then have the Paxlovid. That was not the case for some of the listed medications for various reasons.
The article also stated that there is a global supply shortage.


I hope you feel better soon and I hope you all sail through it with a speedy recovery!
Hugs, not fun all being sick at the same time either.


Is it designated contraindicated where you live? In Canada it’s listed as a drug interaction (“management strategies possible (e.g., holding drug or switch).” They are not the same thing. Only a handful of meds are outright contraindicated for Paxlovid, and statins aren’t among them here. The Canadian recommendation for Atorvastatin, Lovastatin, Rosuvastatin and Simvastatin is to stop the drug while being treated and to resume three days after completing treatment.


Yes, that’s what I read too:- That it is contraindicated to take Paxlovid while still taking Simvastatin, but that the Simvastatin can be withheld temporarily. It may need to be withheld for longer than three days after Paxlovid in “elderly” people.
And I guess I have to admit to being elderly (UGH!)


@ClaudnDaye, how is everyone doing?


Some residual coughing remains in most of us, but we’re pretty much all back to 100% besides that. I tested negative 3 days ago and my wife was lagging behind me so is still experiencing a bit of fatigue, but Kaiden (the baby) was only sick for a day or so and he was back to his normal bubbly self. Very relieved of that. We’re all still masking until tomorrow and then we plan on doing Covid tests to see if we still have any lingering in the house. Will be nice to remove the masks. :smiley:


@bostrav59 this has to do with 2 statins in particular according to the FDA.

There have indeed been documented cases as side effect of Paxlovid specifically where 10 days after initial deployment the patient presents with a rebound case of COVID and a significantly higher viral load.


Paxlovid rebound happened to my husband. He had symptoms again and tested positive 9 or 10 days after finishing his course of the antiviral. His symptoms were not as bad the second time, but he still has an unresolved cough.


Sorry for being late to the party. Glad you and your family are on the mend, and the treatment scheme with Liam worked. I have been traveling pretty extensively for work, and haven’t had as much time to be on FUD the last few weeks.


We were just in Los Angeles for a wedding so I haven’t visited this board for about a week. Related to this thread, we went out there with my wife nursing a cold and a cough that were not Covid, but were still contagious, as I caught it on our first day in in LA, and am just now slowly recovering. We test for Covid and it’s not Covid.

As an interesting note, I tried to keep my distance at the wedding, but nobody was wearing masks, and nobody suggested to me that I wear a mask.

Although it would have made a lot of sense, I didn’t do it either. I’ll wear them if someone asks but if nobody’s asking I’m not wearing.

I’m at the stage of this non-covid rotm flu where I feel better than I sound. Still have a pretty impressive cough.

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I had the same, co-temporaneous, experience; a cold-like infection that seemed like it might be COVID (four rapid antigen tests pretty much conclusively proved otherwise). I didn’t wear a mask either; clearly we should have.

We have a lot to learn from the Japanese and at least some of the Chinese, who do, and have always, worn masks when they are snorting infections into their fellow country people. Must do better.