Home-made, "lower carb" churros when you don't have churros

So here I am, alone and miserable without my family, with a cold, looking for something to eat that will make me feel better. After thinking a bit, I decided churros would be just the right thing. But I don’t have any! So here is an ersatz recipe that worked really well and requires practically nothing! (Clearly high carbs due to the nature of the beast, but much lower carb than real churros)


  • Any kind of bread, cut in longish strips (about 8" long, 1" wide), if at all possible from a thick-crusted loaf or baguette
  • Olive oil (that is all I have…)
  • 1 egg, diluted with a half spoonful of milk and beaten well
  • 2 spoonfuls of honey (if my boy was here I would make Splenda syrup with 1.5 spoonful of water and 4 bags of Splenda), into which you beat a tiny bit of water to make it flow better
  • A pinch of cinnamon that you add to the “syrup”
  • 100g of decent dark chocolate
  • 1 cup of milk


  • Dip the bread strips in egg mix. Make sure they remain fairly dry (if you make 8 strips they will)
  • Start a frying pan with 2 spoonfuls of olive oil, heat at medium heat until you can feel strong heat with your hand over it but not smoking
  • Fry bread strips in pan, turning often, until they are light brown
  • Drip syrup on them over their last minute in the pan, while you turn them. Then remove from pan.

Hot chocolate

  • Break the chocolate bar in small chunks, about 1/2 a pop
  • Start a small pan on burner, low heat
  • Steam milk if possible, or microwave it if not
  • Progressively melt chocolate. When half chocolate is melted, gently add a bit of milk that you whip into the chocolate with a whip. Progressively add milk as the chocolate melts. Make sure it remains thick: you may not add all the milk ( this time I added about 4 ounces)

When the hot chocolate is done, dip the freshly fried “churros” and eat! This recipe is enough for two to four, so don’t eat it all yourself!


It appears you have discovered chocolate french toast sticks, and somehow converted it into a Mexican/Spanish thing in the title. Congrats, get well. Feast on my friend! Also, you should probably admit that you ate all of it, but only pointed out the number of servings to assuage your guilt. /s

I would also point out that cooking when you are sick is an interesting habit.


Cool! I thought it was just me, thinking that it was French toast. @Michel as our resident French expert, is there French toast in France?

I haven’t had good French toast in forever. Sounds amazing! Better than churros.

I’m sorry you’re sick and missing family! Maybe some OJ and chicken soup is on order? Or tea and chocolate churro toast sticks.


Woe on you, @Chris, for minimizing my glorious invention! The use of egg coating is pure coincidence :slight_smile: While there is some similarity with French Toast, there are also major differences:

  • The consistency is like a dry-fried churro
  • There is a light coating of honey (or Splenda syrup
  • It is designed specifically to be dipped in luscious thick chocolate :slight_smile:

I should have added that the donor bread should in preference be Fench baguette or thick-crusted loaf—will edit original now :slight_smile:


Darn! I did not realize I was so transparent :slight_smile:

I am bored without my family, and more or less inside-bound with this stupid cold:-) But I will admit that, while wasting my time here, I also tried my hand, for a few verses, at a better version of the Iliad’s translation, closer to the original but still easy to read. What do you think of this:

Of the murderous rage of Achilleus son of Peleus, sing through me, Goddess,
Of this ruinous rage that caused the Achaeans uncounted grief,
That sent so many worthy lives of heroes
To Hades, and made them spoils for dogs
And carrion birds of all kinds—and so were the plans of Zeus met.


Yes!!! But—it is called Pain Perdu, i.e. “ruined bread”: It is, I think, originally a French recipe, used to be able to use really old bread that is not usable for anything ( three “use” in one sentence, I believe a world record). That is why you need to soak it in something: it starts hard as a rock :slight_smile:

I am sticking to pollo con comino and fake churros in chocolate, in part because these are the only things I have :slight_smile: But I wouldn’t mind some Thai Tom-Ga-Kai chicken soup if I could get any… This has become our chicken soup to go when we are sick! Truly, anything except this horrible matza ball soup would do :slight_smile:

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I had a flashback to college by reading that passage. All the good and awkward came flooding back all at once, so bravo!

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