Hey all Omnipod 5ivers check out Juicebox Podcast

FYI The Juicebox Podcast Omnipod 5 episodes released today. There are three so far. I’m listening to the first one now and he interviews a RN who works at Barbara Davis. She has been working with families for 2 years on this system. I believe she was on Loop and Learns Omnipod 5 episode. I found her experience at the time to be the only practical advice on the 5s algorithm. I listened to many interviews with the CEO of insulet and others and really just got zero practical information. In my opinion the online and in person training was lacking a lot. So I’m hopeful that these episodes will provide some tips.


I listened to all 3 and these were literally a wealth of information for new Omnipod 5 users. You can’t get this kind of straight talk from a training video.

Also listening to the TCOYD podcast which is great too.


The CDE at my endos practice does all the training for Omnipod instead of someone who works for Insulet. I’m not sure if this is the norm for everyone. She told me that the only training they gave her was a 5 hour video presentation. I wish that 5 hour video was available to patients! Instead they provided a stupid online training that basically told me nothing about the algorithm. It was just the basics of pump therapy plus dexcom stuff with multiple choice questions.

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These podcasts are great! I will be experimenting with some of my settings based on the info and hopefully I can stay in Auto mode longer. Right now I’m about 70% Auto mode 30% manual. The podcasts had great info, thanks!

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Please update us on your changes and how they work! I really like hearing how others are handling their daily management on this system.

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Thanks for the encouragement! I will put updates on the old thread from when I first started Omnipod 5.
My review of Omnipod 5 - Tips, Tech & Gear / Treatment - FUDiabetes


I just wanted to thank you @Josie for this post and suggestion. After listening to the Juicebox Podcast, my understanding of the system and algorithm are so much better. This should be required listening for anyone starting on the OP5.

Thanks again!!!


Here is a review by Gary Scheiner, author of Think Like A Pancreas, and website IntegratedDiabetes.

He describes many pros/cons and experience from PWDs that have tried it.