Hello, Dexcom. :D

Oh, Eric - that was a good one dude!



Wow! Excellent. (And parenthetically, can you come make my whole life run like that? Seems a dream!)

That’s the opposite of how starting with the Dex had been for EH. When I look back to years ago and how clumsy it was I know why we didn’t use it much until more recently. It wouldn’t become friends with any computer we owned, pulling data was impossible, etc.

And I wondered if you were like bionic-sticker-girl covered in sensors from head to toe! And you are! Love it! Also was the clock shop saying “Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo” and little figurines were dancing around?


That was exactly what I was afraid it would be. That’s what everything feels like— create account, download this, create a password, request a new password because I already forgot my new password— on and on. My life is full of this stuff, and I’m not a big fan. But the Dexcom wasn’t. I pulled it out of the box, Gabe it the current date and time, a code and serial number, and it lit up. One button. My kind of electronic. :heart_eyes:

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Question about Skin Tac… Can I use a wipe on the patch of my skin I plan on putting my sensor on?? Are there any restrictions for this? If so, how do people handle getting their stuff to stick??

I know lots of people wear the big stickers to keep their devices on, but a little wipe of skin Tac has always sufficed. I’d love to keep it something close to that if possible…

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I use skin tac (in bottle, with applicator) with dexcom sensors, I think from the start, 10 years ago (same bottle !). I put it on the white oval tape AFTER insertion. Sometimes I add IV-3000 tape on top of that either immediately or wait for tape to begin to peel away.


You made me laugh out loud with that one. Quite an accomplishment.


Okay. I made a video when I was starting up my dexcom for the first time and mentioned using Skin Tac. Then I got a private message on Facebook from a very nice lady… but it was pretty insistent about my only providing accurate information on my videos… but this is precisely why I say the bit about it not being medical advice— because I’m sure LOTS of what I do is crooked. Anyway, I’m rambling. I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything to mess up my Dexcom, and now I feel confident I’m not.

And I now can sleep soundly knowing I haven’t left crazy, reckless advice to 21 viewers :grin:

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I am confused. What was she saying was not accurate?

Skin tac is mentioned on dexcom website, with reference for use with G4 for children. Says to put skin tac down first, then apply sensor.

If approved for children, should be ok for adults too!


That you were not supposed to use any kind of adhesive where you would be inserting. You could do it in a circle around it but not in the center. I use the Skin Tac wipe, and it’s hardly worth all of this discussion. I could maybe understand with the bottle only because it can be a much bigger amount, but the wipe— it’s like using an alcohol wipe.

Thank you for looking, @MM2!! That was very nice and makes me feel better. So I’ll continue using it and will mention it again, if need be, with confidence. :heart:

If skin tac is applied before, it should be applied around where sensor needle goes in. (Per website). I would find that challenging to know for sure, so I apply on tape after insertion.

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Okay, so this is probably what she was referring to, but… that’s hard. I suppose you could circle something with a pen, but how ridiculous. I have been using Skin Tac with my Guardian and where I put my infusion sets for some time. It’s a negligible amount, but it usually just helps buy me another couple of days. Maybe I’ll call Dexcom to see if they have something to say or have my mom call— if I can trick her into it. :grin:

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Hopefully some of this will help … you or someone else who passes on by.

I use skin tac, our of the bottle, like @MM2, but for my OmniPod. I apply it to my skin, then to the back of the pod. I wait for about 30 seconds then place the pod. More often than not, I’m prying the pod off, when it’s time for a change.

I didn’t have as much luck with the dexcom. I think it is because I get 14 to 30+ days out of one sensor. Trial and error brought me to Tegaderm. I used to place Tegaderm over the dex, but for the past three-four years I place Dex on top of the Tegaderm. I place a Tegaderm dressing on my belly (the only place I have put Dex) then I place the dexcom on top of the Tegaderm. No hole cut into the center, just directly on top. I think this works for me because there is a larger surface area with the Tegaderm. I have stretch marks on my belly (from my three kids!) and the dexcom alone doesn’t get enough “solid” surface, like it does with the Tegaderm. I think the Tegaderm, being thinner than the tape for the Dex, more flexible, and that it is larger, it just adheres better. I don’t use any skin tac with Dex and I rarely have had one come up on me. Maybe three times in five plus years. It looks the same in 30 plus days as it does on day one.

When I wore my OmniPod on my belly, I didn’t use the Tegaderm, but the OmniPod is changed after three days and at day two it was already coming off, on my belly. That doesn’t happen now that I am using my arms, legs, hips,… anywhere but my belly - which is another story, in and of itself! LOL

@Nickyghaleb I really enjoy your posts, your helpfulness, your attitude, and your fortitude. Thank you for all of it! One of my favorites was when you were posting in the “Chip Challenge” … I have to go look … yep, found it…

I still laugh today when I think about what you said in this post, and so many others, lol Nicky's Chip Challenge

Blockquote: “I do this thinking regularly, but there aren’t usually so many of us in my head. :grin:

If anyone can get Dex to stick, I am confident that you will succeed!


For the dex sensors I usually put Skin Tac down in kind of a broad oval-ish shape, leaving a patch about the size of the transmitter in the middle with no Skin Tac on it and inserting through there. The Skin Tac leaves kind of a shiny look on the arm that I use to help me aim for the bare spot.

I used to just put Skin Tac under every part of the sensors without issues but then I think I saw people on Youtube doing the oval thing so I started copying them. They were so careful about leaving the bare spot that I assumed there must be something to it but I don’t know whether inserting through the Skin Tac could actually cause any issues.


I will give this a try on my next insertion, and see how it performs compared to over the top application.
Just checked my bottle of skin-tac… Expired in 2014, but still working just as well as when first purchased.


Thank you, @Tapestry, for all the nice things you said. :heart:

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Or you can wipe your SkinTac on the sensor adhesive before you apply it, which means you get the doughnut shape but it’s from the adhesive, not on your skin, if that makes sense. (I tried a few times putting a ring on the skin first but with one eye and poor depth perception it wasn’t that accurate for me and was my shortest-lived sensor.) And then I wipe the wipe over the top of the adhesive so it’s on both sides, a tip I read here but I honestly couldn’t say whether it helps. And then I use TacAway to get all the sticky guck off my fingers. I put tape around the sensor after the first week and it seems to last forever. Right now I’m on week 6 and everything is still holding.


Brilliant. :hugs: I read this last night and remembered to do it this morning. My adhesive went on so flat and even, it looked like it was ironed on. Thanks for the tip.:blush:

Just out of curiosity, does anyone’s insertion hurt? This is the second one I couldn’t even feel. My Guardian inserter makes a big clunking sound and it often feels like I’m being stabbed, and my Libre I thought was painless… but not on this level. Have I just gotten really lucky?


I’ve always used a Skin Tac wipe with the Dexcom sensors, and I’ve always just wiped the whole area (back of my arms) before placing the sensor. I don’t leave a blank spot for the needle. I’ve never had any infections or consistent problems with the sensor, and it usually stays on for a couple of weeks. Frequent swimming can make it fall off a few days early though.

I use the G5 though. My transmitter will fail in 2 weeks, and I’ll be starting the G6. I’ll probably use the same method though at first. If I have problems with my sites, then I may try some of the suggestions on here. I’m crossing my fingers that everything goes well though.