Gratuitous Flat Line Post

I’ve reduced my carbs by about 25%/day, reduced basal from 70u/day to 50u/day, seen my C/I ratio go from .68 to around 2-3.

And best of all I’ve been getting many more days like this:

If I would have known that cutting carbs to <100g/day would have done this I would have cut down a long time ago.

I know that it’s the carbs. I did have a recent c-peptide and I’m under .02, barely detectable.

On the couple of occasions in the past few weeks when I’ve had a high carb meal, I paid for it even though I took a much higher pre meal bolus. So I know that the problem had been too many carbs.

I guess you’re never too old to learn.


Nice graph!

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This looks awesome, @docslotnick! Well done!

SD: 10.8?! That’ll preach!!

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Yes! You noticed. A far cry from my old usual of 30-35. I’m hoping that my 90 day SD will come in at below 20 in a few months.

I can’t believe that!

Even on a good day for me, I can have an sd of 70. That’s dipping into the 50s for a daily low and climbing up to 120.

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Very nicely done.

Reducing carbs works much better for many of us. I am not a strict LCHF (which is 6g, 12g, 12g daily); I’m more like about 60g daily and have found my BG’s to be much better and my most recent a1c was 6 and I check my BG about 6x daily, usually between 80 to 120 with occasional 60’s and 130’s. If I eat more than 1 slice of pizza, no matter how I dose, it often results in over 150. So I minimize those occasions. For me, a pizza is not worth the trouble.


i used to do a LCHF diet, and i found that if i should have the occasional english muffin (or other high carb foods, like pizza) i needed to do a dual bolus just to handle the physical confusion for putting all the carbs into my bloodstream. but then i started needing carbs for my swimming, so i gradually increased my carbs, and now i no longer spike, nor do i need to dual bolus. i have no problem at all. and, i get to enjoy pizza and burgers with the buns. its been truly worthwhile to me !!! the only thing the LC did for me was to keep me very skinny. so, now i look physically fit AND, i get to eat things i enjoy.


I’m watching"Eat Fat Get Thin" on my local PBS channel.

It was stated that sugar is a recreational drug. :slight_smile:
He also mentioned resistant starch, probiotics,…etc in addition to eating REAL foods.

Is there a discussion about nutrition/diet and their effects on 1. diabetes and 2. general health? Do we need to split this thread?