Graduated to the 'Child' section


I was thinking this morning that Liam really isn’t considered a “toddler” anymore…so it looks like we’re graduating from that section of FUD forums and for the next few years at least, I’ll be posting things relating to him in this section since it’s the most appropriate! w00t.

:: presents Liam with his graduation certificate from the Toddler, to the Child sections of the FUD forums ::



I was diagnosed at age 5, and amazed at how different childhood is these days for kids with T1D. Congratulations to the Graduate!

When Liam is an adult, forums such as this may not be needed!


I think that’s what we’re all hoping…but I’m sobered up by the old folks who said they heard these same things when they were kids. But we can hope this forum is SHUT DOWN by then!