GETTING BACK INTO THE POOL (after 2 years away)

@daisymae, your courage and persistence and determination are always an inspiration to me. :heart:


Eric, none of this would have been possible without all of your guidance and endless support and the support of the FUD community.

If anyone is curious who doesnt know my swimming story, please read my thread on SWIMMING. I think it is very educational (IMHO) and you may learn about many different things besides just exercising as a diabetic who takes insulin.


Totally agree! I read all of your incredibly helpful posts and can vouch for them helping me. I know others will be, too, if they read them. I read from the beginning posts and found it very helpful to see your progression, how you applied @Eric 's advice and your very detailed notes.



Every day I was waking up just hoping that that day would be the day I would b feeling better and I could get back into the pool and do my thing. But by breakfast time, I felt like death. I couldnt eat I was so nauseated. I ached from head to toe. light bothered my eyes. Basically, I lay on my sofa like a slug, drifting in and out of sleep, waking up only to take my pain pills and drink water. lots of water. maybe too much water :crazy_face:.

I had to go to the hospital twice. Once to Mt Sinai Urgent Care and once late at night to the NYU Langone ER. They did both CoVid and Influenza tests, full blood work, EKG, and lung X-rays (I had been coughing non-stop and had felt like and elephant was sitting on my chest and was having a terrible time breathing.) (All of this, btw, after my husband had done 4 at-home CoVid tests which were all negative and had been chasing me around the house with a thermometer …also negative for fever.)

All of my hospital tests came back showing that I was in perfect health. So what was the matter? Both hospital doctors told me that since CoVid, people are coming in droves with weird, unexplainable illnesses. They believe that they are all variations of the CoVid virus. Unfortunately, they dont know how to diagnose them, so they dont know how to treat them, so they just send people home and tell them to take some Tylenol and rest and stay well hydrated. (I already know that I drink too much water, so thats not an issue for me.)

But, back to the important stuff: Swimming. :man_swimming: :man_swimming: :man_swimming: :

Finally, after way too much time out of the healing water and exercise, I was back and able to do my thing. I had been having issues with my 10am basal rate over the past few weeks (too low), and finally figured it out (I kept spiking at around 12pm (remember, my idea of a spike is 120 :crazy_face: :rofl:) I didnt know which part of my pump profile was causing this “spike” but I had to fix it and I didnt feel particularly comfortable messing around with it on a “swim” day. But I did. And it worked like a charm. All I did was increase it from .625 U/H to .650 U/H. only a tiny change, I know but my body is super duper insulin sensitive and just that tiny increment of insulin packs a real punch with me.

Anyhow, at 12:10, when I had no more IOB from Bfast, I turned off my pump to Zero basal. I waited 15 minutes before leaving the house. Usually this gives me exactly 20 minutes to get to the pool and 5 minutes to change into my suit. BUT, this afternoon, my husband (he’s such a doll ) insisted on walking me to the pool. He’s a slow walker. Ugh. A slow walking Doll who added another 5 minutes to my walk and I am such a perfectionist, and for me, timing is everything. I prefer to get all my Zero Basal in at once so I know how much insulin I need to replace when I re-hook up to my pump. Oh, big deal, Daisy Mae…get a life! :rofl: .


Woke up on the high side (for me) at 122. Did a pre-bfast correction of .3U and pre-bolused 30 minutes before eating. (8am)

by 8:30, my sugars had come down to 110, so I ate my Bfast and chilled out for 2.5 hours when I tested again. My BG was 112. Not bad. It was almost 11am, but since my 10am basal rate increase, I didnt know what to expect when I had no more IOB. Anything goes. But I lucked out. I used the Force, which Eric taught me, and it worked like a charm.
12:10 BG 110 turned off pump and prepped for my swim. in exactly 15 minutes I was all set to leave the house, but my husband pleaded with me to come along. OMG, he takes forever just to put his glasses on! :joy: So I waited impatiently. I do LOVE his companionship so :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: just walking with him makes me smile.


12:10 BG 110 took 6gms fast carbs and jumped in (40 minutes of 0% TB)
1:20 BG 98 bolused .8U (just a guess) showered and dressed, took 2 pain pills and walked home. On my way, I bolused 3.2 U for refuel shakes.
2pm BG 104 drank shakes

dont know what to expect. with the basal change and extra time off my pump while I was swimming, I didnt know how much insulin to replace it with. How much insulin did I actually miss out on? How much would that impact me? Was my shower longer than usual? Had I stopped and chatted with another swimmer for too long? blah blah blah.

but time will tell, and then I will be able to tell you :smiley:

It was a wonderful swim. It was slower than I worked up to since I restarted, but it was my first day back so I cut myself some slack. Im certain that Wednesday it will b a stronger swim.

Currently, my last BG was last bolus was at 1:40 and it is now 3:05pm and I have finished drinking my shakes. Now I am moving on to fresh walnuts. :yum:

Tomorrow I see my back surgeon for my 1 year assessment. I am nervous but excited. I would really like to know why I am still in so much pain. I dont think I could put any more energy into my healing than I have. I have tolerated more than my share. Please keep me in your prayers :pray:

signing out,



DM - know that you are not only in our prayers but my family’s thoughts as well. I hope the appointment goes well, but do know that healing from procedures as extensive as yours can take time, even though we don’t want it to. I hope they have an easy answer for your pain, and your journey is very inspirational!


So happy that you could get back to it!

And also very happy that you did it with big :exclamation: exclamation :exclamation: marks :exclamation: like these numbers!

Congrats! And welcome back!



OMG, AT 6:30am this morning, I woke up with a BG of 45, shaking and sweating and not knowing which way was up or down. I stumbled into the kitchen and drank 1/3 Cup of Apple Cider. I really dont know how I came up with that specific amount of juice, but it landed me in a sweet spot.By 7:30am my BGs had come up to 100, and they hovered there all morning, even after I ate my breakfast. Phew. dodged a bullet on that one!! :sweat_smile:

I dont know if anyone else has this issue (which I am pleased about), but my BGs dont really rise post meal. If anything, they go a little lower, and then they pretty much stay there like a flatline. Just thought I’d put that out there, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with swimming.

anyway, had a great swim. very very relaxing. so happy to be there in the water. I think I may be ready to increase my swimming days or the timing of the length of my swims. either or. no rush to make up my mind. just thinking about it.


8:15am BG 102 (bolused for bfast)
11am BG 106
12:15pm BG 104 turned off pump Zero Basal
12:50pm BG 104 6gms carbs, changed into my suit and jumped into the pool
1:30pm BG 84 .6U/H (for my last swim, .8U turned out to be too much bc I ended up crashing later on in the late afternoon)
1:50pm Bolused 3.2U for my refuel shakes while walking home

all in all, everything was a success, minus the 45morning BG and the unknown of my replacement basal post swim. (dont know how thats going to play out. I do hope it works.

PS: yesterday I saw my spinal surgeon for my yearly assessment/physical. Everything was healing well and everything was in its right place. The pain I am having has nothing to do with the surgery itself; it is completely due to extreme tightening and spasming of my muscles. The doctor says he sees this most frequently on very thin people. (God knows why). But he strongly recommended that I get those Trigger Injections to try and relieve some of the muscle pain and to continue exercising as much as possible. If I am not swimming, I should be out walking. No lolligagging around on the sofa eating pretzels and watching mindless television :joy:

I am getting my 2nd CoVid Booster vaccine on Friday, so I wont be swimming. God only knows how I’ll react to it. I didnt do so well with the others, so I am trying to set the bar very low and expect to feel crummy for a couple of days afterwards. I am sick of all those people telling me they only had a minor headache or a cough or a night of fever. For my 3 other vaccinations I was laid out for a week. I am very slow to heal. :grimacing: :weary: wish me luck!

singing out,



That made me laugh. Years ago a woman was trying to lasso my wife into something she didn’t want to do. “I’m too busy” “What with?” “Watching the soaps and eating bon-bons.”

Glad your surgeon is happy with your healing, and you are back in the pool.