Galaxy S20 for dexcom G6 follow with xDrip


We are parents for 2 t1d daugters, just about to get the G6.
I saw that the Galaxy S20 can be used as primary on G6 app but not as a follower.
I understood that Xdrip can give the solution to it, I have few questions:

  1. Is it easy to install/update?
  2. Can we follow 2 primary phones? I understand that on the official Dexcom app, it can be used.
  3. Why dexcom is working so sloy in updating phones compability? I see in theirist very old Samasung models but much less new ones.

Thanks a lot


Welcome, @nayuval! It seems your post somehow got weirdly lost on the forum. I am giving it a bump and adding xDrip to the title.


Hi @nayuval You can certainly use the S20 as sa “follower” in xDrip+. But don’t do it with Dexcom Follow, do it with an xDrip+ sync group. This way the follower phone shows the same features as the master phone.

XDrip+ is fairly easy to install and set up, and updates are similarly easy to do.

If you Google “two copies of xDrip+ on one phone” you can find specific instructions on how to do it. I know that you can, but I don’t remember how.


@nayuval I found where the xDrip+ developer made variants for just such an issue. You can install xDrip+ and an xDrip+ variant on the same phone so you can follow two receivers. Just choose the latest version of the variant. Also, in settings>display settings>xDrip+ color options, use different flair colors to differentiate whose receiver is displayed, and make differing alarms so you know who is alarming.