Gadget to take the pain out of injections

For anyone who dreads injections, this little gadget is supposed to help:

An interesting idea, I’m going to try it on our horses! We have one who freaks if he ever even sees a syringe :syringe:. We’ve had him since he was six (he’s now retired and 30 years old), so I don’t know how he was treated previously, but we practice low-stress handling for our cattle and horses.

It’s an interesting idea. :thinking:


But not a new one :slight_smile: Distraction; doctors do it all the time particularly with young patients and horses are more intelligent than they seem (well, as they seem to me). Anyway, freaking out gets you a treat; prima-donna-cavallo.

On the other hand, :thinking:, a trained horse fly would certainly work. They’re evil b’stards but they are pretty intelligent; I managed to whack one this morning while out for my daily exercise and the little lord hid for a while before coming back. Didn’t get it the second time, must remember to bring the squash racket, it’s always in the same place.

I’m certain a horse won’t notice even one of @Eric’s mile long needles if it has to deal with a horse fly.


Yes to both ideas. We’ve done all kinds of distractions for years with this horse, but of course he’s smarter than we are, at least when it comes to sussing out needles. And no treats until he stands quietly for the shot. He is very food-motivated, but needles trump treats. :person_shrugging:
I’m willing to try anything “new.”

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