G6 Transmitter Connection Issues

Question: Does anyone know what the actual backfill rate (time period) is for the G6? I just assumed it was the same as the G5; 2 hours.

I’m on Tandem X2 with C-IQ, my pump lost reception for 5 hours last night which I suspect is partly my fault due to transmitter blockage and a prematurely failing transmitter (my XDrip was wonky for 3 days until I got everything sorted out). To my surprise, when the transmitter actually re-connected with my pump it back-filled ALL 5.25 hours worth of data. Is this the norm, or did my pump actually have stored data that it assumed was not accurate enough to satisfy the C-IQ program? During this time, C-IQ reverted back to my stored personal profile and the entire 5.25 hours my pump displayed the out of range symbol as seen below:


I would love to understand the mechanics of what happened if possible. Maybe I wouldn’t get so nervous about my CGM BT connection errors.


We also have seen it backfill by more than two hours. But I don’t know the max: I am a bit shocked by your 5.25 hours!

One disorienting thing is that the Dexcom app does not diagnose the cause of the disconnect on the G6, when it did on the G5: signal loss vs the dreaded 3 ??? does not appear to exist on the G6.


It is exactly 3 hours; I’ve had back-fills for dropout periods over that but the backfill has always been exactly 3 hours.

It does depend on the data stored in the transmitter (obviously), so newer transmitters may be different. Since I moved to iPhone+Dexcom app I’ve only had a couple of long backfills and, IRC, those were three hours too but I’m running a few revs behind on the transmitter.

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