G6 Review (using NO sensor code + calibrating)

So, we are 2 hours away from a full 10 day session with Liam’s second G6 sensor session. All I can say is WOW…a vast improvement.

Noticable differences that mean something TO ME.

  • I was able to calibrate anytime the BGs were > 20% WITHOUT the annoying calibration loops 95% of the time. The loops DID happen…but not EVERY…SINGLE…TIME…and not for 3, 4, 5 or more iterations of the calibration loops. Everytime I did get the loop (3 times total), after the first “come back and calibrate later” message, once the number was entered, it “stuck” and no further loop calibrations were required.

  • The accuracy was spot on most of the 10 day period. It had to be calibrated on average, twice per day due to incorrect low or high readings. (> 20% difference between finger stick and reading on G6).

The control for the past week is not too shabby. Here are the past 7 days.

And the past 90 days according to Clarity.

I almost don’t even want to do a THIRD test where I USE A CODE and DO NOT CALIBRATE AT ALL…that is a scary proposition to me and I don’t like fixing things that aren’t broken. So, I may just settle with using NO code from now on and having that ability to calibrate when the CGM is >20% off so that he doesn’t just linger low, or high, while the G6 decides whether it wants to ■■■■ or get off the pot for much longer than he’s ever actually high or low. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, we were happy to hear Liam had an A1C of 5.6% with a 90-day average for lows/severe lows of < 1%, while his Highs were around 10% and Very highs were around 1%.

So far, I’m really enjoying the G6 now that I’ve figured out what works best for Liam.

What Liam likes:

  • The very fast shots that he doesn’t feel at all (he was so happy after he got his first one on and said, “is it in?” When I said “yes”, he said “awesome! I didn’t even feel that.” )
  • 10 days as opposed to 7, so fewer shots.

What we both agree on, and like, together.

The “process” for getting the G6 on is much easier than the G5 so that was a welcome change as well…less to do = more time for other fun stuff.


Totally with you on the accuracy improvement! :+1:

Because of the better accuracy, I have moved to doing no code completely.

EXCEPT only one time in the past few months I used the code. And that was only because I was putting a sensor on at 1:00 am. And I didn’t want to be woken up at 3:00 am for a calibration. :joy:


@ClaudnDaye Congrats on the move to G6 and the numbers are great! I didn’t realize you were just switching over. Also didn’t realize the G6 was as new as it is, particularly looking at the G7 coming hopefully in the next several months. I don’t understand your comments about the testing and calibrating. I’m not pumping and think you are, but I’ve not experienced the great variance you seem to indicate. Unless it’s day 1 of a new sensor, or something odd like a compression low, I don’t get the significant differences you’re seeing. When I’ve questioned a G6 reading and checked with a stick, its almost always well within a 15-20% variance (realizing neither is probably spot on). (What’s that they say about a man with two watches never “knowing” the time?) Anyway, congrats all the way round!

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@TomH, I wish I could explain the variance Liam has always experienced with both the G5 numbers and the G6 numbers but perhaps it has to do with his age. Either way, we’ve compensated with more calibrations to adjust with those variances occur.


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