Frozen Shoulder?

I’ve heard about frozen shoulder for years, and I wonder if I could be developing it? I have pain in my left shoulder, which feels exactly like after a vaccine, but it’s been a month or two now out of nowhere. It’s right at the top of the arm near where the socket is to my shoulder if that makes sense. Or, maybe arthritis? I am 41. I’ve always been able to dislocate that particular shoulder without feeling pain, actually it feels like i need to, like the need to crack a knuckle, and sometimes it makes a loud crack or pop sound when I do that feels very satisfying. Does any of this sound like frozen shoulder? Or maybe just a random pain or maybe my history? I’m about to go to physio for my knee, so I’ll ask when I’m there too. It’s not TERRIBLE, but it’s annoying. Mostly noticeable if I do a lay raise to the side.

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When i had frozen shoulders, i was unable to move arm in certain ways. For example, could not reach back pants pocket, or painful to reach for car radio knob, or raise hands staight up.

Treatment was 30+ years ago before cgm, pump and improved A1Cs. I had steroid injections and PT, and took several months to improve. With improved BGs, i did not experience that pain again!!

(But i cringe when i see gymnastics, I’m pretty sure i don’t have that level of flexibility. )


Yikes! I don’t have it that bad, and the physio therapist didn’t say anything about it. That said, my meniscus is the main issue she’s looking at, followed by my years long hip flexor injury. I’m falling apart! Is this just because I’m in my 40s now? I am starting to make a concerted effort to take good care of myself now. Not so much the last 10 years… I guess better late than never.


I can’t say from your description, but you should talk to your physical therapist about it. It’s easy to treat. Easy meaning maybe an injection, and doing PT for a while.

I had it a few years ago. Mine was from landing on it really hard.


Hi. You may like to “Google” Diabetic cheiroarthropathy. This is a condition of the connective tissues and can lead to reduced joint mobility. It means that type ones have a higher incidence than the normal population of shoulder problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, dupuytrens contracture, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendon issues. There are loads of internet articles such as this one:-

I personally have had frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel in both hands, trigger finger in all of my fingers at different times, dupuytrens contracture and plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately I have encountered many doctors who did not know that these conditions are related to diabetes. If some doctors don’t know about this condition, that can lead to missing the opportunity for available treatments .


Thank you! I will look into this for sure.

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My story is similar, and noticed your profile shows diagnosis a couple years before me.
Trigger fingers were the weirdest thing, and i had several surgeries too.

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Update: the physiotherapist says it’s not frozen shoulder. I have a follow up appointment to determine what the heck it is. We ran out of time.