French Journalist looking for canadian insulin buyers


My name is Céline Bruneau, i’m the US correspondent for France24 channel, broadcasted wordwide in French English, Spanish and Arabic.
I’m shooting a 15 mn story about the insulin issue in the US and I would love to meet people from NYC region who, confronted to the high price of insulin, buy it in Canada.

Excuse me if this request is inappropriate…

@sisi, I don’t think the request is inappropriate, however I am not sure we have anyone in the geographic region you are looking for who buys their insulin from Canada. But I do appreciate your focusing on an important issue. Hopefully someone who meets your requirements will raise their hand.

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Welcome Céline! Hopefully, someone is able to fill your request. If not, I’m sure collectively we can answer your questions about purchasing from Canada since we’ve had quite a few members who have done this successfully.

There are also French speakers here, including the forum owner, @Michel.

Members: Here’s a link to some of Céline’s news stories:éline-bruneau/

Welcome, and I hope you find what you’re looking for! The Insulin prices in the US are insane.

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Thank you ClaudnDaye

I actually need to interview someone about buying in Canada.
The patients or family of patients i’ve found, all live far away from NY and unfortunately I don’t have to budget to travel a lot…

Living in the States it’s for me very important to show how Americans have to deal with Health issues.


Skype or some other virtual means isn’t practical?

unfortunately no…

I’m pretty sure that, even IF we have someone in the NY area, that you would need to prove you are who you say you are before they would ever agree to meet up. :slight_smile: Lots of crazies in the world and I know I personally wouldn’t meet a stranger who posts on our forums saying they’re requiring the assistance of someone “in person”…

Just be prepared for that! :slight_smile:

If @sisi is a TV journalist she needs to be able to film the people. So that’s why it needs to be fairly local I’m guessing.

Perhaps try at TuDiabetes? They have more members. Though I’m not sure what their policy with regards to such requests is.