Freesyle Libre 2 sensor from UK compatible with LibreLink app from Austria?

Hey everyone! I am going on vacation soon and I was wondering if I could buy some Freestyle Libre sensors from the UK, when my LibreLink app is from Austria. I have read on the UK Abbott site that this isn’t really recommended since each country has specific regulatory requirements, but the whole thing is pretty vague. So, I was wondering if maybe there’s someone around here that has done it and has first-hand experience?

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Unlike DVDs I don’t think they have a country code, but saying something “isn’t really recommended”, at least in UK english is pretty much saying “don’t quote me on this”; it doesn’t mean anything (did they really use the word “really”?)

Given that it’s 3days no one in Austria (or Romania) has visited the UK and bought Abbott sensors there; go for it! Tell us what happens. It would probably apply to the whole EU and, given the recent philosophical divide, that could well be very useful for EU residents.