Freestyle Libre and Blucon as CGM



After more that one month nothing arrived!!!

I contact them several time but no replies from them



What are you waiting on, the Blucon?


Yes the blucon nightrider


@solocla, did the nightrider ever arrive?

Welcome to the site, btw!


I know long delivery to Germany.
Did you go a ordering confirmation?


Hello everyone!
I was wondering how many times the Blucon was reusable for.

Thanks in advance!


Hello everyone, has anybody had any problem with the night rider disconnecting? It happens several times within an hour and really negates the gcm purpose because it constantly sends notifications of “disconnected”


I am using NightRider with Ambrosia’s LinkBluCon app and FollowBluCon app for Caregiver since last week after the company released updated apps. This version 1.1.4 of the LinkBluCon app is very good, connectivity is rock solid, I am trying since Nov 27th and connection did not drop even a single time on my iPhone 7, iOS 12.1.
I calibrated as per the instructions on Fb post( Calibrate when glucose is not changing fast, before you eat anything in the morning or two hours after last food), my glucose since I last new version is within 10% of the my fingerprick value which is a lot better than Libre Reader. I am really impressed with the results and will recommend this system to everyone.


Today Ambrosia announced new NightRider BluCon can connect direct to Apple watch and no need to carry phone all the time, this is really interesting.
Here is video of the Apple watch and LinkBluCon app on youtube


Well that is quite interesting. These small manufacturers really are great at delivering innovative solutions that patients want. Hopefully Dexcom catches up soon.

Does the Blucon double the height of the Libre like it looks in the photos?


BluCon adds some height to the Libre. Since you wear the Libre behind your arm , attaching BluCon does not make any difference but value it adds to the system is priceless.