Freestyle Libre 3 preview

A review by one of the first people to test the Freestyle Libre 3:

For those who understand German, a longer review:

I think this is a great development. Hopefully Abbott will bring this to the market soon. Here the FSL 2 has only been available since the beginning of this year, so it would be great if they roll out the FSL 3 a bit faster.


I like that it’s only a 60 minute warm-up and is worn for 2 weeks.


Very cool how small it is, and nice that they don’t have to scan anymore.


Oh man I wish they could adapt this to work with Loop; Samson would prefer this so much more!


Very cool!! I wonder which pump will allow the user to choose which CGM they can use.



Thanks for the videos! The Libre 2 was approved here in December and I believe just became available this month. My insurance doesn’t cover it yet, but I have my fingers crossed it’ll cover it soon. I don’t mind scanning for my reading, but do really miss alarms.

It would be great if the Libre 3 could work with closed-loop pumps, as @TiaG said.

Is the Freeestyle Libre 1 not like this in the USA? I’m using the first-generation Libre in Canada and it has a 60-minute warmup and two-week sensor…

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I was thinking as compared to the Dexcom G6.

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