Freestyle Libre 3 preview

A review by one of the first people to test the Freestyle Libre 3:

For those who understand German, a longer review:

I think this is a great development. Hopefully Abbott will bring this to the market soon. Here the FSL 2 has only been available since the beginning of this year, so it would be great if they roll out the FSL 3 a bit faster.


I like that it’s only a 60 minute warm-up and is worn for 2 weeks.


Very cool how small it is, and nice that they don’t have to scan anymore.


Oh man I wish they could adapt this to work with Loop; Samson would prefer this so much more!


Very cool!! I wonder which pump will allow the user to choose which CGM they can use.



Thanks for the videos! The Libre 2 was approved here in December and I believe just became available this month. My insurance doesn’t cover it yet, but I have my fingers crossed it’ll cover it soon. I don’t mind scanning for my reading, but do really miss alarms.

It would be great if the Libre 3 could work with closed-loop pumps, as @TiaG said.

Is the Freeestyle Libre 1 not like this in the USA? I’m using the first-generation Libre in Canada and it has a 60-minute warmup and two-week sensor…

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I was thinking as compared to the Dexcom G6.

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How is the adhesive? I use Dexcom 6 but am quite allergic to the adhesive. It’s rather difficult. I also don’t have ‘work’ (who does anymore?) In Alberta, benefits need to be fairly substantial but the individual Blue Cross coverage doesn’t cover it. So unfortunate. Thanks for the good review, I look forward to trying it when it’s available, it seems to be quite good.

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