Freestyle Libre 2 and Medicare criteria change

Apparently Medicare loosened restrictions re criteria for coverage in 2021. DME providers are aggressively marketing assistance to provide. Anyone have any observations?

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Here is ADA info on medicare and cgm recent announcement.

The diabetes community is celebrating a huge win! Beginning on July 18, 2021, Medicare will permanently eliminate the requirement of the four-time-daily fingerstick in order to qualify for coverage of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).


I couldn’t find out about the other requirement, injecting insulin 3 or 4 times per day. It is pretty much a given that if someone is on MDI they would be testing (finger stick) at least 4 times. This means they were already meeting Medicare CGM requirements.

I think that type 2 DMs that are not using insulin would benefit from CGM data. It’s hard to ignore the effect that food has on your BG when it reports every 5 minutes.