Free Omnipods Eros Pods, G5 sensors, used G5/G6 Dexcom transmitters


We have about 35 Omnipod Eros pods with expiration date 12/9/23 that we don’t plan to use. Our son transitioned to the Dash pods when he went to college in order to eliminate the need for Riley Link with Loop. We also have other miscellaneous stuff like old Dexcom G5 sensors and used G5 and G6 transmitters. I know that some people refurbish these. If anyone is interested PM me.

Mary Pat


Hi @MaryPat! How are you?!? How is @Michel?

I heard from @Kaelan a few weeks ago. Sounds like he’s doing great! Congrats to him on getting into UCLA! :star_struck:


Hi Eric. Yes he is doing well so far but has midterms coming up and is a little overwhelmed. He joined an acapella group which should be fun for him. And he started using afrezza at school to handle the big peaks. So far that has been a very useful tool as it acts more quickly and the tail is shorter so it alleviates some of the lows he used to get after a big high.

Michel and I are good. Just spent a few weeks in Paris and Granada, our old haunts.

Hope you are well too!



Hi @MaryPat, that all sounds great!

I am sure Kaelan will do wonderfully at school. It just takes a little time to get it figured out.

Tell Michel to stop by and say hey to us!


Do you still have the Eros pods. I need some to hold me over until my insurance kicks in -in January. And they tell me it will take almost a month to get any supplies.
Any Eros pods will help. I can pay for shipping.

Hi. Yes we have 36 of them. You can tell me how many you want or you can have them all. I would be very happy to have someone use them. Just send me your address and I will get them out. Best, MP


Hi MaryPat.
Will send my address and note as soon as I figure out how to do that.
Much thanks.

I also have quite a few boxes if you run out of what @MaryPat is sending. Send me a PM if/when you need more.

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Hi Patrice. They are singing their way and should arrive Dec 27. If they don’t arrive by then drop me a line and I will send a tracking number.

No need to send postage. I am happy they are useful.

Happy Holidays!



Thank you so much MaryPat. Nice holiday surprise that this happened.


Hi MaryPat
Thanks so much for the pods.
I can’t get that blue PM envelope to come up, so I hope this gets to you.
All best wishes to you for the New Year. Patrice

You are very welcome Patrice. Warm wishes for the New Year.