For those of you using "Superglue"

How about trying this:

so that you wont have issues with little broken bits of the glue irritating your skin? That’s the complaint about superglue that I read on either this site or another DM board.

[ADMIN EDIT] Using OTC cyanoacrylate on your skin is a dangerous practice that may result in severe injury.

@dave - I am confused on the topic??

well then, I guess it was the other site. :slight_smile: Just ignore my OP. (it was about securing sensor tapes to one’s skin)

lol - I was actually concerned a virus took over your account.

ha ha ha

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People actually use SUPER GLUE for this purpose??? I would be shocked if that were the case since there are lots of toxic materials (and severe skin sensitivity issues that would come into play) with using actual super glue to secure sensors to the skin! Now something like “Skin-Tac” I can understand!


You are not really using cyanoacrylate to fasten to your skin, are you?

You DO know that a medical grade “superglue” is used in surgery, right???

Me? No. it’s on another board.

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Yes! I’m aware that special “supre” glue is used in OR’s to close up wounds w/o the necessity of staples or stitches and OTC versions sold to close small cuts and scrapes. Is this what that is? I thought cyanoacrylate resulted in tissue toxicity? Maybe I need to do a bit more research on this topic.

This is what can happen when you apply OTC cyanoacrylate glue:

Only specific formulations are appropriate – they need very specific conditions of application. Dangerous stuff.

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I can’t tell you exactly what the people on The Other Board are using on their sensor tapes. I certainly wouldn’t use it.

Let’s calm down. My wife is an OR nurse and she’s seen this stuff used all the time and it isn’t doing anything like the link shows

Sorry what other board? I’m so confused. Sorry!

I don’t want to get in trouble here for mentioning another diabetes website by name

This isn’t that kind of community. Any forum or community that adds value to the diabetic community is welcome here. As long as there isn’t any advertising for profit, etc., we don’t have a problem saying TuD or any other forum name here. We are all here for one purpose - to help each other live better lives in spite of diabetes. This is part of our UNLIMITED stance on things.

@dave, your wife (1) is a nurse in an OR, (2) is trained in how to apply medical cyanoacrylate to someone’s skin, and (3) is not using OTC cyanoacrylate. None of this is true for the average PWD reading this forum.

Just to be clear, until we know more about the subject, it is NOT safe to use cyanoacrylate glue to bond a sensor to your skin if any of the following is true:
(1) you are not an OR nurse
(2) you are not trained on using cyanoacrylate glues for skin injuries
(3) you are not using medical cyanoacrylate glues designed for this specific purpose.


I would totally agree and note that the use of superglue in the OR format is usually a ONE TIME use…they patch someone up, they heal, and then move on. With diabetes, adhesive is a daily routine…at a minimum once every 3 days. So to use any superglue type item one-time may be safe while using it repeatidly day in day out over a lifetime may not be.


@dave, here is our link policy, you have nothing to fear:

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Good grief I’m not the one who suggested using Super Glue. It was other people that said they use it on their sensor tapes.

Personally I hate getting crazy glue on my fingers or anywhere on my skin. When I do I try to get it off using acetone and which also is in a great thing to put on your skin but I sure don’t like having crazy glue on my fingers. Ever try to use a finger print reader with crazy glue on your fingertips? It doesn’t work