Foods particular to you that cause spikes/crashes

I have a lot of difficulty digesting low GI carbs, things like whole grains, oatmeal, lentils, etc. i tend to spike 1-2 hours later after finishing my meal.

this afternoon i made myself some Old Fashioned Oatmeal, and, as an experiment, i did a dual bolus of 60/40% over 2 hours. i have a sneaking suspicion that i will spike early on and crash later on, but i had to start my experiment somewhere, so i took my best guess and just winged it.

please share your experiences and your experiments. i know i have a lot to learn and am eager to do so!!

Prefacing that there are a LOT of advantages of still being in the honeymoon stage…but this isn’t one of them. Any spike for me is a crash risk, because I never know when my pancreas is going to freak out and spew insulin (it’s usually a delayed response, so by then I’ve either corrected and it’s too much on top that, or it’s just too much insulin period - reactive hypo). Happened last night, actually…spiked to 190, corrected with Afrezza, then an hour or two later, suddenly plummeted from the 120s to 60s. :expressionless:

ETA: I have the same problem with oatmeal. I usually bolus just over double my ICR for it, spike to 160s, and then about an hour after have to follow up with a snack to keep from going low.

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For me… Any kind of tube sausage. Good for a spike 3 to 4 hours later, and all night…


Pasta. Definitely for us requires an extended such as @daisymae describes. We have pasta frequently enough (maybe one every other week or so) that we are getting pretty good at this one.

Pizza. One slice is easy. Two slices is much more difficult. If three slices - well - gonna be a rough few hours afterwards. Who knows where it will go. Roller coaster. Hang on and be prepared to correct whichever way it goes.

Milkshake. Not sure we ever got this “right”. Serious lows that require substantial fast carbs. If I had to pick one food that I hate, it would likely be the milkshake. But. I am a huge advocate of no food restrictions. So. If a milkshake is requested then we do our best to make it work out one way or another. Like anything else I have no doubt we could experiment with shake after shake and eventually get it right. Just not up there on my top 50 list of priorities.


pizza is interesting for me. i limit myself to the same pizza joint every time, so i can get my “formula” down pretty good for up to 2 slices. if i want another half a slice (to share with my husband), well i havent quite figured that one out yet.

whats weird for me about pizza is that for 1 slice, i count for 75gms carbs, but for 2 slices, i only need to count for 95 gms of carbs. using that formula, i could probably eat more and more slices without having to raise my carb ratio by much :blush:

i use the extended bolus of 60/40% over 2 hours. it works like a charm. pretty much a flat line throughout the day. however, i wont eat pizza at dinnertime, b/c i dont trust the dual bolus over 6 hours running through my body. i eat my pizza as a late lunch (2- 3pm) and its so filling that it carries me right through dinnertime.

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Sometimes my Saturday pastry treat can cause a crash…but I ain’t gonna give it up! I j just drink some juice. :smiley_cat:

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For me, Thai red curry causes an enormous but slow rise that lasts 8-10 hours. I suspect the fat digestion is generating glucose all night long.

I have no cgm so I can’t totally back it, but with good faith my meter is doing a good job of telling me of what I can eat and what I can’t.

Too much pizza or pasta, but I can eat a typical serving like at most restaurants or at home . I did 4 , rather small not like heavy , slices of pizza last night for example…if I ate like more than 6 of those I’d prolly pay the price for it in one way or another.

Some chinese food, most causes no issues. One place I go to one time I went a little high (like 180something 4 hours post it, and it stuck around), so I decided last time oh just get the smaller lunch portion and take more insulin…then I dropped down to 51 mg/dL after it a while later and while candy fixed it and it didn’t rise up that made me weary. Most other times I’ve had no issues but it may just be the sauce they use, it’s a fancier place and their sauces are pretty thick so it could be that.

Buffets hate me , even if I swear I do enough and don’t go too crazy I’m always like 300-400 mg/dL after those even if I like stick to lighter stuff and eat like 2 plates only.

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