At 9:30 I ate 2 servings of chips.... At midnight I’m 200 and rising. Is this the chips or could this really be protein?

My kids start school tomorrow, and I told @Eric I’d be back in a couple of days once things got settled. I made it a whopping 4 hours before needing some insight.

You guys talk all day about protein and bolusing. I even read the egg thread. I guess I’m stubborn and just can’t believe I could’ve missed this all along. Tonight, however, I ate some chips at 9:30 pm, did a bolus + extended bolus (against better judgment, but so far so good), and got everyone to sleep. I had paperwork to do, and my BG was about a 145 or so. I decided I didn’t want to mess up my numbers with more carbs, so I decided on two pieces of cheese and like 6 slices of turkey pepperoni. That was at 11:15. Finally ready for bed, I test and find I’m at a 200. Chips 2 1/2 hours ago… cheese and turkey pepperoni 45 minutes ago. I’m going to survive, but I would just like to know… Could that really just be the cheese and pepperoni? Or could that be a really late rise from the chips even though I had dropped 50 pts an hour and a half after eating them?

Now I’ve got a bunch of insulin on board… just in time to sleep through all of my alarms. :woman_facepalming:

Good night!

It might be from either or both. Some people rise from protein. Some people have slow processing of things that contain fat, like chips. So it depends on how you process stuff.

But the easiest thing to look at is what your BG was doing before the cheese and turkey pep. You said it was dropping, right? Would it have kept going down?

It could be either one, but from your timeline description I would guess it was the cheese and turkey snack that did it.

Since you were already 145, it wouldn’t take much. In general, it probably would takes a lot less to bump your BG from 145 to 200, than it would from 90 to 145.


For me in that situation, it would definitely be the chips (sometimes my carbs a bit delayed, and it’s hard to predict—I suspect I have may have very mild gastroparesis or something that’s increasing variability on that front)—cheese and pepperoni would be at risk of making me rise overnight, but wouldn’t do anything in 45 minutes. So I don’t think anyone else can really tell you this (all bodies are different) so much as you’d need to experiment, and, like Eric said, have more data points.


Chips always hit me fast and then again much later. It’s the oil/fat that slows their digestion. It can take hours and it’s hard to predict when they will hit.


And would it matter at all that they’re the baked, low-fat chips? Or am I kidding myself that they’re really that? :grin:

Yes, it had dropped 50. It’s okay. I’m eating chips now… I’m the name of science. We’ll see what happens next.

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Try to do it without the cheese and pepperoni. In the name of science.


Blown. The whole experiment is blown. I ended up doing it with 3/4 bowl of rice, chicken and teriyaki sauce at a 68 with 4 units on board… just trying to figure out which way’s up right now. Dang it, science… just dang it.

Lol in my experience everything hits me right away and later. When I expect something to digest slowly I spike immediately, and vice versa. Carbs always wait till I am asleep before digesting, it’s like they know!

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Oh, you mean like that?? That’s what MY carbs did last night while I was sleeping… :woman_facepalming:

I’d explain myself, but I don’t have all day.

I didn’t even eat carbs last night and woke up groggy at around 250! Also this will sound weird but it’s nice talking in the American system. I know 200 is around 11 so 250 doesn’t sound so bad cause I just think of it as being in the 11s even though it’s so much worse. When I see 14 on my meter that scares the hell out of me!


I charted this over many nights to prove it happened regardless what time I went to bed/fell asleep and regardless what I ate for dinner or when. My CDE, for the first time in 25 years, had no answer. It’s like I fall asleep and a dam bursts open and all that penned-in carb floods the system.


Like pure blood sugar and carb anarchy… it’s a thing. I swear it’s a thing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, you didn’t eat them, but your body produced them! It is quite the amazing system is it not.

I only wish it was easier to control…

Yes, it’s like reverse feet on the floor phenomenon and I have it too. I can see on my CGM graph the rise that starts within an hour of lying down no matter what time I go to bed.

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And what is 14 in the American system? :grin:

Around 250. Just multiply by 18, it’s easy!

Well full disclosure I ate a lot of beef that night…

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This was last night with chips. Same thing. I had 2 servings last night and did a full bolus. It looks exactly like my other night. I think the “keep it simple, stupid” solution is to not eat chips, but… is there a happier solution?

If one were to try to tackle this with novolin R and novolog… how would it look?

The good news is that this can be a repeatable test until you figure out the right dosing. Add more insulin up front or later, or a combination of both and keep testing. One test showed only that more testing is required. That’s what we do for Liam anyway. The first test provides a good (sometimes) baseline to test against.