Filling your own pens

Hey, thanks for this Dave! Awesome stuff. I think DDIY is great.

I started a loooong time ago with DDIY and I am glad to see this noble art is alive.


That is quite inventive, thanks for adding to our knowledge! I wouldn’t have thought of that on my own.


I use levemir in disposable pens (vials are not available at my pharmacy) and humalog and regular in vials.

Could I use the levemir cartridges with a Lilly Luxura HD pen? I’d plan to rinse them and refill with H or R, per the instructions above. I note that the Novo pen requires special treatment (Lantus caps, and I don’t use lantus). I wonder if the Lilly pen would work better with a Levemir cartridge?

I don’t think they will fit.

I don’t know for sure, because I haven’t used the Levemir cartridges, only Levemir vials. But since Levemir is made by a different company, I don’t think the cartridges are interchangeable with the Lilly pen.

Levemir cartridges are too narrow and too long to fit into a Luxura or Savvio Pen.
2nd picture shows them side by side illustrating the difference.
They will fit into a NovoPen, but it takes some parts hacking to get it to work correctly.

Empty Lantus vials fit perfectly just as they are. Don’t know for sure if Basaglar vials will fit since they are so fragile I have never successfully salvaged one. I just turn Basaglar pens back for refilling as Eric shows here:


Apparently, the Luxura HD pen has been withdrawn from sale and replaced by a model called the Savvio. The Savvio apparently uses the same cartridges, but one YouTube video showed that they bayonet mount to the pen. So I am guessing that the cartridges are usable in both the Luxura HD and the Savvio, but have been modified to include the bayonet mount. Has anyone tried to refill the new bayonet mount cartridges? Thanks


Welcome to FUD!

I have not tried the new ones, but if you are looking for a 1/2 unit pen that uses Humalog, their disposable KwikPen Junior is refillable and has 1/2 unit doses. And it is actually smaller than the Luxura, which is also nice.

Scroll down a bit on this page to get to the the KwikPen Junior:


Thanks so much Eric!

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If you’re just refilling a cartridge with the same insulin and not flushing it with saline, how do you sterilize the inside of the cartridge where it was exposed to the outside air when the cartridge was empty, and the stopper was pushed all the way in?
Same goes for when you’re removing the stopper completely I guess, there is always that portion of the cartridge that was exposed to the outside.

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You could swish some alcohol in it and dump it out if you want. But I have not ever had any problems with it. Insulin is a lot tougher than people think.


I am refilling my cartidge from viale by injcting the cartidge however after filling it, the result are not same, i need to take extra dose from cartidge. Is it normal?

If you are filling it with the same type of insulin and there are no air bubbles in it, it will be the same.

But if you are getting different results there might be something else happening where your body needs more insulin than normal.

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  1. Are you priming before each injection?
  2. Are you sure there are no air bubbles?

There is single bubble showing in it.

Also is my re-filling the cartidge process correct?

I am refilling it with the help of syringe, filling the insulin in the syringe and fill it from the mouth of cartidge by inkecting it

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If it is a small air bubble and the air bubble is not coming out of the needle when you inject, it’s not too much of a problem. When air bubbles get very big, you get less insulin with each injection because the air bubble compresses. But little bubbles are okay, as long as you do not inject them instead of the insulin.

Yes that sounds correct.

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Can i see a video how to refill it just to be sure.

Thankyou for support