Feeling less attractive since wearing CGM

I’ve always been very inconspicuous with all my T1 caretaking maneuvers in public. People would rarely if ever notice. BUT there is no hiding sucking down my Afrezza :joy:. I’m getting my oil changed and every person in the waiting room is staring at me while I just loudly sucked down a dose. Who knows what they are thinking. :crazy_face:


Probably that you have asthma…


That’s what my kids say too.

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Afrezza is vastly more discreet and socially acceptable than injecting in public

I can toot the diabetes whistle without the person I’m having a conversation with understanding what happened. Injecting medicine into my body is incredibly socially awkward and I go to great lengths to avoid it being seen.

I wonder if this is one of those things where it’s a bit different maybe if you’ve been doing it most of your life? Because I don’t really care who sees me inject, especially now that I’m using a pen (was much more cumbersome with syringes and then you’d occasionally get weird looks from people who must have assumed you were a child heroin addict or something… true story). But with pens, I’ve injected in all sorts of public places, like walking down the street, because when you gotta, you gotta, and usually people barely even notice, especially since I inject through clothing. I have trouble imagining an inhaler being as discrete actually, although I certainly see other ways it could be easier.


Wouldn’t surprise me if people thought is was electronic cigarettes or whatever they are called.

What size pen needle do you use to go through clothing? Can you go through jeans or are those too thick?


Edited: Mine are NovoFine 0.3 x 8mm. I do not get the really short ones, which I think sting more anyway than ones that go a bit deeper, even when injecting without going through anything. And yes, I do go through jeans, although my jeans tend to be a blend of cotton and stretch fabrics. If you have a heavier all cotton type, I think you could totally still do it, but it is going to dull the needle more—still should be fine in my experience to inject through but you probably won’t want to reuse the pen tip.


I was also diagnosed as a kid and don’t care who sees me inject or sees my devices or whatnot. During my teacher training program I was with the same cohort for a year and injected multiple times every day without going to extreme lengths to hide it (injecting into my arm most often back then). Many people didn’t even notice I had diabetes until near the end of the program.

I agree with @Eric. Hopefully when people see me with these things they’re thinking about how awesome it is that I’m managing things without letting anything stop me.


I think you are a Diabadass!


I used to use 4mm 31 gauge pen needles through thick jeans without issue. But I tend to bleed after injections so I’d always end up cussing the inevitable pencil eraser sized blood stain on my pants.

I don’t inject in public anymore bc I try to keep track of my thigh injecting rotation which necessitates taking off my pants. I mean, once you’ve had a couple of super involved high risk pregnancies, I don’t really care where I take my pants off, but I’m trying not to embarrass my kids more than absolutely necessary at their age. Once they get older and start getting on my nerves, I might start dropping trou everywhere. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


More $5 wine. :+1:


Oh I’ll do it sober. Which makes it better? Or worse. Whatever.

My instincts were correct that Day 2 of cheap wine was a bad idea. I think all wine is a bad idea for me past day 1. My liver can’t hang.


I started reading your post, and I wondered if you were going to say that you would be willing to take your pants off anywhere. I was correct! I enjoyed laughing about this. And I am sorry about your blood stained pants. :rofl:


Awww! You get me!!! Point for you!!!



Ha! I’m glad you don’t think I’m a horrible person. It did crack me up. :blush: :joy:


I don’t care who seems my pod, or my G6, and quite often I deliberately wear clothing that shows them. But I’m also an aging boomer who grew up listening to Wayne County and, back then, I definitely did care, despite, or maybe because of, the lyrics.

I wear my G6 on my midriff, because that’s where Dexcom says to put it [* * *].

My pod goes on back-midriff or my chest because the upper arm site stopped working reliably, so despite Dexcom-servers-akimbo I will relocate my next G6 sensor to my upper arm. I think that looks cool, whereas the pod looked like I had had an accident with an oversexed scallop.

The relative sizes of the pod and the G6 are a real issue; the G6 is inherently more attractive because the long-thin thing works on a lot of body locations (always excepting the midriff, front and back.)

John Bowler


Yeah I forgot about that. Same.

Yeah. Cheap wine is actually horrible. Have you tried organic wine? Most organic stuff I think is ********. And I very rarely have downtime that I can afford to drink. But I have tried organic wine a few times and was pretty impressed.


Hmm, this is pretty much never an issue for me. I very rarely hit blood, and when I do, it’s only a tiny amount. Every now and then I do get bruising below the skin though. I usually inject in the belly though, so I rarely go through pants these days, most often a shirt.

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I completely understand. I wasn’t concerned about appearance, hey I’m a guu and even guys with belly floping over the belt we know were gorgeous! hahaha… but i was self-conscious in just people knowing or seeing it.

Over a fairly short time i no longer feel that way. In fact i love showing it off. I’ve even encountered several other users. I find people are impressed and amazed to learn about it. I even ahow them on the screen as well aa screen shots.

I even made friends with a couple women who then asked me to dinner. Trust me I just ain’t that purdy!

Hold your head up, be confident and your beauty will attract people you might never have gotten to know.

And you can always dress ot up…maybe a tattoo that makes it look as if it’s part of the art…
hehehe, nope not for me but it had to be expressed.