Family struggles

I am a little estranged from my family (not my own husband/daugher/son in law/grandson), but am still “friends” with all who have FB pages on that forum. I don’t get on there much, and do not follow any of them. I logged on today and looked in on one brother who does not like me/my own family because of crap we just cannot agree on or even agree to disagree on. This brother lost his wife to lung cancer (yes, she was a heavy smoker) … on my birthday last year. Crap year for him, really, as he lost a step-grandchild last Christmas due to a horrendously tragic accident, too. Anyway, though separated by a couple thousand miles and some hurtful words, I did send him a condolence basket when my sister in law died. I mean, I do love him. And I got along with his wife despite the hard feelings between our families (we had common ground).

Selfish as it is, part of my issue with my family is that they all seem to believe that cancer is the only horrible sickness out there. Yep. I know I’m a big baby about it, but that kinda hurts. Particularly when my own mother won’t acknowledge anything else. But today, when I checked this brother’s page, I saw that he had shared a cure diabetes/hope for diabetes post on his page. I may have the wrong idea about this - maybe I didn’t even cross his mind (our oldest brother was diagnosed with T2 about 3 years ago, after all), but now I can’t stop crying about this. What do you think? Was he reaching out?

Oh, FWIW. On the same day he shared the cure diabetes post, he also shared a cure cancer post. He got some likes on both, and three shares on the cancer post. One share was my own mother - who didn’t even acknowledge the diabetes post. Sigh.


I don’t know what was in his mind, but I’d suggest to treat it as if he was reaching out because of the good that could come from it. Even though there’s a risk you could be disappointed.


I was going to post exactly the same thing.

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I would risk disappointment rather that miss the opportunity for reconciliation but before you do be sure you can handle the rejection if it comes.

Do it with the possibility of a gain but consider that if it fails you are no worse off.

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