A few words to share

I know these are tough times, and I know there are a lot of challenges and worry. So I wanted to put a few words down.

The world is now filled with uncertainty. But every one of us - ever since diagnosis - we have already been dealing with some form of uncertainty. Every day.

For years, each of us whenever leaving our home, going to work, going on vacation, doing anything, we always ask - Do I have everything I need? Am I prepared? Do I have food? Do I have backup supplies if I get stuck in traffic? Spare insulin, spare food, spare test supplies. Every meal that has not been from our making, every event, every trip, every change from the ordinary routine. Daily we have prepared for every possibility.

We’ve all been fighting against uncertainty since the day of our diagnosis. For each of us there has always been uncertainty, every single day. For many, practically our whole lives.

Uncertainty is nothing new for us. Ironically, it is the only certainty we have had.

These moments, these dark times, this is when we shine. This is absolutely when we are at our best. Nobody in the world is as emotionally and intellectually prepared for this as we are. In one form or another, this is what we do every day.

This is our opportunity to demonstrate our resolve and flexibility and adaptability. This is also where we show the compassion for one another that has been ingrained in us from the day of our diagnosis.

When this is all over, let everyone on the outside look at how the diabetics handled this. Steadfast and capable and tough. Unrelenting in their love for one another and for community. Smart and prepared and creative. Diabetes-strong. The best.

Since I was diagnosed, I have already died a thousand times over. I know many of you have done the same. We have cheated it countless times.

And in doing so, we have garnered more from life than we ever could have hoped. We have lived a thousand times more, and learned a love for everyone that shares our diagnosis. When we were diagnosed we each got a million new friends. A million new brothers, and sisters.

These extraordinary times will require an extraordinary response. And while the rest of the world is encouraging isolation and distancing, during this time let each of us draw closer together with one another.

Rather than isolation and distancing, instead let’s move toward one another and embrace one another. Let this dark time be when we are the closest, the brightest.

Each of us a small candle, together a blazing torch.


@Eric Thanks for the positivity!!



Virtual hugs!


Hell to the yes. Great stuff!!


Thank you! Your words do make me feel a little better in hoping we all come out of this stronger :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope, in the end, that the world comes out of this stronger.

I would feel so much more alone if I didn’t have forums and social media to see that, even as we are all isolated physically, we are all in this together no matter where in the world we live.


:pray: Amen


Thank you! As a fairly new diabetic this means a lot and I am glad I have all of you to get me through some of my tough times. And I know you will always be around!

diabetic 2016 at age 61


So proud to know someone as sensitive, capable, experienced and brilliant as you who is capable of creating this thread. you have pulled out all the stops on every wonderful thing it is to be a diabetic. and the longer we have been diabetic, the more experiences we have had and been able to share with one another. in fact, sharing has become, for us, a way of life. sharing is another limb. it guides us, it teaches us. we learn to listen and listen to learn. we remain curious, and curiosity keeps us teachable. the rest of the world will just have to learn what we’ve learned over our many years and struggle to catch up. and we have The Force (Eric’s guru); we can speak up, speak out, shout from the roof tops. we are survivors.

(and I live in Brooklyn; its Apocalyptic here. Look out the window and life is barren. everything, EVERYTHING, is shut down. Thank God for my family, immediate well as extended. )

virtual hugs to all and ice-cream and pie for Eric.



I needed that. Bravo!


Truer words have never been spoken, @Eric.

I keep getting calls from friends and family who say they are calling to check on me. But it quickly becomes apparent that they are super stressed out, overwhelmed and in need of reassurance for themselves. That’s not to sound judgmental or cocky or anything at all. But between all of the phone calls the last three days or so, the conversation pattern was clear.

Everyone needs support somehow right now. Let’s keep taking care of ourselves (as we always do regardless of pandemics), and let’s share our care tactics and empathy however we can with whomever we can. People are in serious need with their stress levels right now.


I have seen the same, including my own stress level being almost overwhelming at times. It’s more important than ever that we all support those around us in whatever small ways we can.


Thanks for the pep talk. Much appreciated.


I love this idea. Even though there is a physical distance, we can shine our light on that gap between people.

Thank you for such great words! I really feel like this community has helped us be so much more prepared than I ever would’ve been without it.


@TravelingOn So True!

Virtual hugs to all!


Very nicely put Eric. You echoed my last 49 years. Yes, physical distancing but not emotional distancing. This is just what I needed to read tonight, thank you!


I posted this on March 18, 2020.

I had no idea then what the year would look like. But as I re-read this tonight, I stand by everything I said. Nobody does it better than us.

Happy New Year to everyone here.

Let’s make 2021 tremendous, because that’s the only way we know how to do it.

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It’s been a crazy year.

Keep never letting diabetes be an excuse. Never an excuse to not run faster, to try harder, to push yourself to new heights. This is not 1970 it’s 2020. Teach your kids they can be airline pilots or surgeons or top level athletes or anything else. Teach them they can be millionaires if they try hard and don’t make excuses. Make sure they know diabetes is not an excuse. Uncertainty is a different thing and it’s a natural state to learn to navigate through in all aspects of life.