Facemasks for exercise

There are a ton of different exercise masks you can get. But based on what I have read and heard, these are the ones that are generally favored by the running crowd.

New Balance Face Mask V3
Totally back-ordered, but about $25-30 when they become available.
This one is supposedly one of the best. I can’t even give a link, there is no link on the New Balance site because of the back-order.

Under Armour UA Sportsmask
I have this one. I like it a lot.

WhitePaws RunMitts FaceMitts Mask

320ink MaskUp
$15 for 5

Keen Together Mask

Seirus BIO Arc Masque

Kitsbow Face Mask

I have only tried the Under Armour one. But these are the ones people are talking about, so I wanted to share.

Just to be clear, these are not medical masks. Wear a hazmat suit if you want to be 100% sure.

But these are for being active or for exercise, and are much better than the general cheap disposable ones that get totally clogged up with sweat. They are designed to be lightweight and cool and stay in place for exercise.


Thanks for the ideas Eric! Might try a few and see how they handle sawdust which has been keeping me busy the past uncountable months.

Don’t know if these “protective” shields ever made it to market, I have not seen one yet. Still no hockey for me, although some of my friends are getting out in small groups. Even with the “Concept 3” I doubt I will risk it. I just don’t believe it’s possible to avoid breathing in somebody else’s exhaled breath when playing, which is a non-starter with Covid floating around out there. It’s pretty much impossible to keep adequate distance between your nose and your opponent’s exhalations.


The New Balance one looks great, Under Armour, too. I wear the cheap disposable one for biking, and try not to wear any mask while running. The disposable one is totally useless for running. Instead, I cover my face with a hanky/scarf when passing someone while moving as far away as possible. The other person(s) do the same, so it works. I’m planning to meet my running partner tomorrow though and I’m not sure maskless will work when running side-by-side. I think a mask will have to be worn unless we can run far enough apart.