Extend bar - slow release carbs

Has anyone used the Extend bars? How do you carb count the sugar alcohols? Do they affect BG?

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I’d be concerned about the protein also raising BG. But it would do so slower than carbs, so bolus may need to be extended. Or a higher basal may be compensating for it.

They advertise as being designed for diabetics, but those dosing insulin may find it challenging to get it matched. May work best with type 2s not using insulin.

But if you eat them because you really like them, you will have to figure out trial and error what insulin dose to use, possibly impacted by how active you are.


It sounds like they are high protein? generally for mid to lower carb with higher protein, an upfront bolus is needed for the carbs, and then either an extended bolus (if on a pump) OR a second bolus ~2ish hours later (if MDI) are needed. I personally haven’t tried extend bars, but most meals I end having are mid to low carb with higher protein, and protein and fat should definitely be considered, and they are typically seen hours after ingestion

Not sure if any of that is helpful :smiley:


I experience the same thing when I am eating a fatty meal. the fat and the protein slows everything down. I am on a pump and do a “dual” bolus, up front insulin and then extended insulin over 2(+/- ) hours (depending on how high fat).


I don’t know if any of you have tried using UCAN BARS, but they are slow release carbs (perhaps “:sustained release” ). they are 30gms carbs each and I have only used them ( a nibble here or there) for moderate lows. but I would love to eat one before I step out of the house for a nice walk. I haven’t a clue how I would bolus for something like this. I believe that these would fall into the category as low glycemic foods. don’t know for certain.

has anyone ever used one of these (or something similar)? and if so, how did you bolus for one? extended bolus or all insulin up front?

looking forward to hearing back from anyone!!! :yum:

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