Expired Tresiba

Has anyone used expired Tresiba that have been kept in the refrigerator? It would seem like a waste to throw them away. Expired Novolog works fine. Novolog that has been “opened” for more than 30 days work too.


There’s been a lot of very useful discussion on this topic in the boards - here’s one reference

Now I don’t know if Tresiba is explicitly addressed on this topic, but it might well have been.

Good luck!


I think we know through experimentation that Novolog and Humalog are really really robust and work fine in an expired state. I know through experimentation that Lantus worked fine for us expired. But I don’t recall anyone testing Tresiba. You willing to the guineapig? Would be cool data to provide to the community. Something like test it once per quarter starting at expiration…


I have one pen that is expired by one month. It seems to be fine.