Expired Dexcom sensors work fine!



I believe they are the same. The G4 ones that I have left are also compatible with G5 even back in 2016.


@Peg I personally don’t know when the sensors become ineffective - I am not scientific enough to break it down. I have however used sensors that were 1-2 years past shelf life with no problems in the past.


@Peg, if no one is able to test some of your sensors, we will find a way to get a few of your old ones here (we have friends visiting every few weeks from the US). Hopefully a US resident can do it though.

I am guessing most if not all of your sensors are still good. It will be interesting to see if they are noisier or don’t last as long though.


I’m always open to being a test rat :rat:


I have some that expired 2/27/16. My daughter hated them so I didn’t force her to use them but couldn’t get myself to toss them I would love to know of they still work if anyone would be interested I could send them out. They are Medtronic enlite.

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