@Eric, What day is today?

This is a landmark day for T1’s like @eric and myself. A day we live for, a day when a rage bolus is de riguer. Break out that expired insulin and enjoy! Long Live…

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Thank you for pointing out this historical day!

I am a traditionalist. I do not like the donut hole. That is a misnomer. A hole is an empty space, a donut hole would simply be “nothing”

I do not mind the spelling of “doughnut” as “donut”.
Less letters = less time typing = more time eating.
So I am okay with that.

I like French Crullers. More surface area, more area for flavor. And they are beautiful.
D’abord nous goûtons Avec les yeux. First we taste with the eyes. (if I have said that correctly).

I am not a big fan of the sprinkles. Do not try to distract me with a “shiny object”. If your donut is worthy, you do not need the sprinkles.


I’m kind of partial to chocolate covered buttermilk old fashioneds. Not as sexy as the French ones, but I have always been kinda down and dirty with my carb excursions. I’m such a peon.


What is your take on the donut hole? It’s a bit of marketing scam. The idea that they were gonna just throw out that dough, but somebody came up with the idea of using it…pure rubbish!

well from a semantic point of view I agree it’s disingenuous. But they are about the amount of doughnut I actually can eat without feeling sick. A whole doughnut really is too much for me. Plus I like how they’re usually much less than $1.

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A whole donut versus a donut hole…

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It’s a pure scam. I have made many a donut in my baking days, and they are not made by poking out a hole.

On the other hand, they’re pretty good and convenient, a good alternative to Hostess mini doughnuts.

I bet there’s an extra long line at VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland today…Once upon a time, I marveled over their maple bacon doughnut. Sigh…

we have no shortage of those fancy doughnuts here in San Francisco, though personally I prefer the 24-hourl “Happy Doughnuts” near our house.

Our local bakery-cafe often sells buttermilk cake doughnuts and my gluten-free husband is so tempted by them!

Voodoo is for the tourists, Portland is now Blue Star land. My son loves the PBJ. Brioche dough, with a jelly filling, and rolled in freeze dried peanut butter dust. Yummmmm the best $5 donut in the land.

Although I think that Voodoo still has the distinction of being the only donut store with not one but two cease and desist letters from the FDA. That took some creativity and copious amounts of Kush.

Good to know! We get to Portland 2-3 times a year and the family loves the occasional doughnut.

ETA: Just sent the link to our son. Brioche dough, no wonder they’re delicious! :smile_cat:

Unfortunately, we live here, so with donuts this good, we might need to change the definition of the word “occasional” Thankfully I don’t work near Blue Star, I am already fat enough.

Oooh, that sounds awesome. Can you share the details?

Sure, back in the day, they made some “creative” donuts for their late night customers. The first was a donut that was dipped in Nyquil to help the late night customers that needed to ensure they could sleep, and for those with upset stomachs they had their donut dipped in pepto bismol.

Both of these ran afoul of FDA regulations and they proudly display these letters at their original location.

Stay safe and stay classy


Ha, I lived in Portland a long time ago, and we used to make occasional late night Voodoo runs. I’ve also had part of a particularly special… adult-themed donut they make that’s often purchased for bachelorette parties.

However, the best donuts IMO aren’t from the fancy/boutique-y places or the sugary ones (think Krispy Kreme), but the old fashioned/country places that really FRY their donuts well/deeply. It’s a good sign IMO when it’s a mom and pop type place that maybe serves drip coffee if any and has just a handful of flavors at most. Also found sometimes at fairs and the like. Mmmm. I’m going to Lexington, KY in a couple of a weeks and definitely planning on hitting up my fave donut joint (Spauldings) while there.


Why is FUD different than all the other sites? Cuz we’re talking about donuts on our site…


Boy, that’s the truth. In San Antonio the chain is called Shipley’s. Places everywhere. Mediocre donuts, but readily available.
Anyway, they had a location near where I work that was pretty old. So they left to move into a brand new location in the next block.

A new place, aptly named Fresh Donuts, took the old place. Mom and pop operation on a shoestring. Best donuts in town. Blows Shipley’s away.

@Eric That’s what we’re all about. Unlimited Donuts!

[EDIT] FUD (For Unlimited Donuts)

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