Enter BG in 15 Minutes?

Anyone seen that on their Dexcom?

He showed being low. I did a finger stick and saw he was actually 151. Tried to calibrate and received the message “Enter me BG value after 0723”. CGM reads “Enter BG in 15 minutes.”

This is on Dexcom’s website:

Just realized that this was for the G4, but it is probably the same for the G5 and G6.


I’ve seen it before on rare occasion when I’ve had very discrepant readings from the Dex. You can also solve it I believe with an immediate double test/enter, which restarts the calibration process, because something is clearly awry with it anyway, so IMO no harm in that approach either.

That was exactly the screen I saw. Thanks Lisa!

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@cardamom, no calibration was possible at all. I tried to enter even a single calibration and it pushed the timer or a brand new 15 min.

I used to see this regularly with my previous (now replaced) G4 receiver, which was often inaccurate, when I did calibrations too close together.

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Since we use the G5, this is also something that is applicable with the G5. The receiver read “Low”, but when I checked him, it read 151, so I attempted to do the double calibration trick and this notification appeared.

It’s just strange that I’m just seeing this for the first time in going on 3 years now, with the G5. What I did here is something I’ve done hundreds of times in the past and never seen the notification.

Thanks all!

Weird, even if you did a quick double one? It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it, so I can’t remember that well…

Yep, I always attempt to do the double calibration quickly (using a single blood drop if possible.)

Good to know. I have never seen this message. If my fingerstick was far off Dexcom, I would first wash hands and retest if meter BG seemed off. In general, I trust dexcom over meter.