Caibration of Dexcom 5 when fingerprick test is exactly the same

Does anyone else have this issue? I test in the morning right after waking to calibrate my CGM. At times, the BG meter comes up spot on with the same exact reading as my Dexcom 5. This has also happened at my night test for my evening calibration. So I “calibrate” using the same number, because that’s what the meters said… Two to four hours later I’m getting the “blood drop” icon that means it needs calibrated. I don’t want to recalibrate at that time because then the (approximate) 12 hour window is messed up and then I’ll get another demand for a calibration. I generally just wait until the evening calibration and it’s usually fine then, because it’s at least a couple points off. But last night and this morning it was spot on, both times. So I’ve had the “blood drop” in my way all day. I know I could lie to it, even just one point difference, but if I’m not putting real numbers in, what then is the point? Any suggestions welcome.

@PerfectHorse, we calibrate twice a day, but only at convenient times. We ignore the drop until it is a good time for us. We have had this happen to us but it is par for the course for us. We just wait until we want to calibrate, sometimes another 8-10 hours.

The drop does not stop you from doing anything.

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It is a flaw in their system, but I think they did it on purpose. They want to prevent an accidental calibration. for example, if you were to accidentally push the calibration button and do an unintentional calibration.

It only accepts a calibration if you change the number by 2 or more points. At least on the receiver version I have.

Suggestions? Call Dexcom and complain about it. And until they fix it, in the meantime, just calibrate it up or down 2 points.

Certainly not ideal.

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I would just ignore the calibration request. We routinely ignored them for a couple of days when it is really accurate with no issue.

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