Endo supplied Libre Pro tomorrow - Can I use Glimp?

I finally wrangled my first endo appointment, with the express purpose of getting a prescription for the Freestyle Libre.

Rather than provide a script, the endo wants to use the Libre Pro for 2 weeks, and then download the results. Then do a consult setting up a custom scale for dosage

And that’s fine, although not technically what I wanted. And the focus of this query is not to dissect the scale method, which I categorically believe is not the best way to handle my personal dosing needs. I’ve been doing self calculated dosages based on current glucose readings, and carb intake, and then tweaking those dosage ratios based on actual results. And the fact that I have lowered my HbA1c by 3 full points in 3 months (after discarding my physicians original scale) leads me to feel there is a substantial validity in that process.

Either that, or it proves the old adage that even a blind pig can find an acorn now and again.

The fact is, I wanted the raw data from a Libre sensor to help me understand how my body reacts to insulin and carbs, instead of making WAGs based on multiple blood droplets throughout the day like I have been doing for the past 5-1/2 months.

Thinking that the endo would in fact prescribe the retail Libre reader and sensors, I have already installed Glimp on my Android phone. In fact, ever since I installed it yesterday, Glimp keeps telling me it can’t locate a sensor.

SO Here’s the real question behind this rambling account.

Can I “eavesdrop” on the data being collected and stored by the Libre Pro sensor using Glimp?

Or would that mess up the data in the endo supplied Pro sensor, rendering it useless?

In a traditional usage, the data the Pro sensor collects would be reviewed by the endo, and then the endo would decide how to adjust the dosage scale. The raw data is not shared with the patient. If I can piggyback that data for my own perusal, fine. If not, I suspect I am going to have to keep badgering the endo for my own sensor prescription, which was actually why I arranged an appointment in the first place.

Anyone tried this?
Or should I uninstall Glimp so it doesn’t bork the whole process for the endo to collect diagnostic data?

If it were me, I would challenge the doctor again and get script for non pro version. The pro is blinded to you, and evaluation after they download it will be limited, and require detailed logging by you to compare.

If you believe you would learn and adapt food, activity etc, by having visibility, it’s worth it to have non-pro if you can afford it.

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I think your attitude is correct: you will know more about your body and your diabetes than your doctor will. So let the doctor give you all the knowledge he/she has, but don’t let the doctor’s book learning override your direct personal experience. You should be in charge because you are the one who has a direct stake in the outcome.

I don’t know exactly what “adjust the dosage scale” means, but I hope you continue with your basal and bolus regimen, and are counting carbs to determine your meal boluses. The Libre will definitely help you fine-tune your basal dosing, and it will enable you to better learn the cause and effect of various choices in eating and activity.

I don’t see any immediate harm in letting the doctor run a Libre Pro for a couple weeks, but after that if the doctor won’t give you a Libre prescription I think you should fire the doctor and hire another one.

I don’t know whether Glimp would be a problem, but given the possibility that Glimp and the Pro system could compete for the data, I’d uninstall Glimp for the duration of the Libre Pro test unless you can find a definitive statement that they don’t interfere with each other. Asking about it here might turn up someone who has experience, but Is there a Glimp developers group or forum where you could pose the question to folks who are likely to know for sure?


I think glimp would work to eavesdrop, but you probably have to do an initial reading within the initial warmup period. So it’s probably too late anyway.

I am pretty convinced that glimp fried one of my sensors too, so if it was me I would hold off on messing with it for the two week period to make sure there is no funny business and your endo gets the data he wants to hopefully prescribe you the regular sensors. I agree if he is not helping you by prescribing non-pro Libre’s then you should find a new doctor that will be an advocate for you where you get near real-time information to make better management decisions.

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