New FreeStyle Libre 2

I am currently using the FSL 14 day CGM. I have been on it for about 2 years now. I have found two things about its accuracy (and maybe this is just me here, but my endo said that others have reported this problem): It tends to read either low or high, so I am unable to make any treatment decisions based upon its reading. However, I notice that the more water I drink, the more accurate it is.

I have been reading up about the increased accuracy of the Libre 2 which has just recently come out, but is not yet available to me bc I am on Medicare. I am wondering if anyone has tried it out yet, and if it is worth waiting for.


Here are details on Libre 2.

The key new feature is that it alarms, and then need to scan sensor to see details for alarm.

Not sure where Abbott has started shipping to, may have to call around.


Thank you, and yes, I have read this too. I was just wondering if anyone has tried it yet and if they found the accuracy to be better/improved from the 14 day Libre. (kind of like the Dexcom G6 is supposed to be improved from the Dex G4 & G5) I know that the company claims that it is more accurate, but there’s nothing better than hearing the truth from the horse’s mouth! :smiley:

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I heard several say they couldn’t find pharmacy with stock, or like you, not covered by insurance.

Just checked my insurance, shows coverage for Libre, but not Libre 2. May just be in process…