Freestyle Libre: bleeder on insertion


Old thread, but new question: got my first bleeder on insertion today (and OUCH). Anyone else using the Libre notice any differences in numbers when they have a bleeder? Curious what will happen when I start it up in the morning (I already give it 24hrs before starting for my body’s inflammatory response to die down a bit…at least, that’s what I’m guessing causes super whacky numbers when I start it right after insertion).

FreeStyle Libre experiences

With a Dex the rare gushers still worked fine for me after they settle down. I don’t wait to start them, I just know not to trust too much until they start agreeing with the meter. Usually that’s about 8 to 12 hours, but on rare occasion it can take a G5 sensor 3 days to settle for me, then it’ll run right for about 2 weeks.


@Pianoplayer7008, how did the numbers turn out?


Pending my testing today (plan to check every hour or two), every time I’ve tested against my meter, the Libre has been spot on, which never happens this early - usually I have 2-4 days of reading lower at the beginning of a sensor.


This happened to me once in the 16 months of using the Libre. After 2 days of discomfort, i attended our local diabetes management ppl who had me remove the sensor and re-position a new sensor further back on my arm. Their explanation was that i had hit the muscle, too bad i was too wimpy to leave it in and compare to my meter readings!!!


@Pianoplayer7008, did you end up seeing a difference?? I just saw this post and alsonjust has my first bleeder on New Year’s Eve. It finally did settle down, but it took almost 4 days before doing so. Up until then it read almost 30 or 40 points higher than my actual blood sugar— but a consistent 30 or 40, so I could still make use of the number.

Anyway. Happy Sunday. :hugs:


Interestingly, my usual experience with my sensors is reading a consistent 20-30 below actual BG for anywhere from 4-7 days, then it levels out.

This time, it was, for the most part, spot on from the beginning. It would randomly start reading higher, but would then drop back to actual BG by the next swipe (so 5-10 mins), which is why I was seeing constant up and downs. The first two days, it consistently had the check glucose symbol with every swipe, but when I would check with meter (usually when I was going to dose based off readings), it was accurate. It’s been really nice to have an accurate sensor from the get-go. Well worth the bleeding and the pain/discomfort (which, thankfully, @Linus, was only for the first couple of days, and not severe after the first few hours after insertion).


We consistently have polar opposite patterns with our Libres. I find this intriguing. It has almost always run high for me and low for you. My guess is it’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but, if you don’t mind my asking, how often do you test with a meter? I’ve also come to realize we sometimes alter results by our own patterns when we’re not aware we have any. I wonder if we really do have opposite results or if maybe we just have a tendency to test under certain conditions…


Not as often as I should sometimes, but generally, I test fairly frequently the first couple of days to get an idea of how it’s reading - fasting, before/after meals, and any time I’m about to dose and it’s giving a check glucose symbol (or if it’s saying low…). So probably anywhere from 6-10x the first couple of days, then after that, it’s 2-6x a day, depending again on how many lows/check symbols I get, and I do always try to check fasting, one pre or post meal, and before bed to verify it’s still reading where I think it is.